Various Types of Crackers in Indonesia

In this article, we like to discuss about various types of crackers which has characteristic in all countries of Indonesia. Apart from chili sauce, Indonesian food activities would be incomplete if there were no crackers. This food with a crunchy, crunchy and crunchy texture is a very popular side dish. Because of the popularity of crackers in Indonesia, you can easily find crackers anywhere. From dining tables at home, simple warteg, to luxury restaurants.

Kerupuk or krupuk itself is a type of snack (snack) originating from Indonesia which is generally made from tapioca flour dough, mixed with flavoring ingredients such as shrimp, fish or other seasonings. However, there are also types of crackers made from rice flour, wheat flour, sago flour to animal skins. The various types of crackers in Indonesia are also very diverse. Almost every region in Indonesia has its own unique type of crackers. Some are sold fried and ready to eat, some are sold raw.

Don’t just be able to eat, you know the various types of crackers in Indonesia. Let’s check it out guys!

1. Onion crackers

The most popular type of cracker in Indonesia begins with onion crackers. No one can resist the savory taste of these crackers. As the name suggests, these crackers are made from tapioca flour and garlic. You may often find these crackers as a companion to eating street food fried rice. Small round shape, usually has a white color with colorful sides. Their distinctive aroma and delicious taste make these crackers suitable as a companion to rice.

2. Shrimp Crackers

There are also prawn crackers which are certainly familiar to your tongue. Shrimp crackers are a type of cracker that you can easily find in various eating places in Indonesia. You can even find shrimp crackers in foreign countries such as Germany and the Netherlands with the name krabbenchips or prawn crackers. These crackers are made from tapioca flour, small prawns (rebon), salted fish crumbs, and spices. These shrimp crackers have various sizes, some are small, some are wide. These crackers are usually served as an addition to dishes, such as rawon, soup, and pecel rice.

3. White crackers / Kerupuk Blek / Uyel crackers

White crackers are one of the most popular and easily found crackers in Indonesia. You can easily find these side dishes in places such as food stalls, Padang restaurants, restaurants, and food vendors with soup such as meatballs, soup and noodles. Usually these crackers are placed in a distinctive iron jar, so they are called crackers blek. Apart from blek crackers and white crackers, these crackers also have other names, such as curly crackers, kampung crackers to uyel crackers. The shape itself is round with a surface like twisted noodles and is white with a taste that is quite savory. These curly crackers are made using a pressing machine, by flowing the cracker dough which is still in the form of a thick paste to form a pattern of crackers.

4. Noodle crackers

The next type of cracker is noodle crackers. The shape is almost similar to white crackers, it’s just that the noodle crackers have a slightly yellowish color. Even though the name has a noodle appendage, these crackers are not made from noodles. The name of the noodle cracker itself is due to its curly shape and yellow color resembling noodles. One cracker is well known as a side dish when eating pickles or pecel.

5. Rambak crackers / skin crackers

There are also types of rambak crackers which are also known as skin crackers. As the name implies, these crackers are made from cowhide or buffalo skin. The shape looks thick. However, when you try to eat the crackers, they are very crunchy and tasty. The center is hollow so it will immediately melt on the tongue when bitten.

6. Rice crackers / puli

Rice crackers are a typical Indonesian cracker which is quite popular among the Indonesian people. These crackers are made from rice or rice, which have a delicious and delicious taste when served as a companion for a large meal. Not only as a companion for large meals, rice crackers can also be a cheap snack. In Surabaya, these crackers, also known as puli crackers, are used as a companion for eating semanggi, while in Madiun they are usually used as a complement to eating pecel rice.

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