Various Kinds of Processed Rice in Indonesia

As we know, Indonesia has a very diverse diet. From Sabang to Merauke, there are many types of food and different ways of serving them, one example is rice which is the staple food of Indonesians. So, here are the various kinds of processed rice in Indonesia, which can make you starve right away.

1. Fried Rice

Which Indonesian has never eaten fried rice? Fried rice is a very familiar and popular food for Indonesians. Anyone can make it easily. You could say that fried rice is authentic Indonesian food. Fried rice is a food made from rice which is cooked by frying beef, meatballs, fish, shrimp, squid, chopped omelet, and vegetables and then served with crackers.

2. Yellow rice

Like fried rice, yellow rice is also a popular processed rice and is easily found in every region in Indonesia. How to cook it is very easy so anyone can make it. Yellow rice is made from boiled rice with turmeric, coconut milk and spices, so it tastes more savory than plain white rice. The way of serving yellow rice varies from region to region, some serve it as tumpeng rice, some serve it with various side dishes such as eggs, shredded chicken, noodles, sweet tempeh to serundeng.

3. Nasi Uduk

The people of Jakarta are certainly familiar with this one dish of rice, especially if it’s not Nasi Uduk. Nasi Uduk is a traditional food originating from Jakarta which is made from steamed rice with coconut milk and topped with nutmeg, pepper, ginger, cinnamon and pandan leaves to give uduk rice a taste of gurh and a fragrant aroma. Is usually served with fried chips, fried tofu, omelette, shredded, tempeh, chicken or meat and completed with fried onions. Nasi uduk is usually eaten as a breakfast menu but many also sell it as a dinner menu.

4. Nasi Liwet

The existence of Nasi Liwet is also very popular among Indonesians. Although it comes from the city of Solo, Nasi Liwet has 2 versions, namely the Sundanese version and the Solo version. The easiest way to tell the difference is through presentation. Usually Sundanese liwet rice is served in kastrol, Solo liwet rice on banana leaf pincuk. Liwet rice has a slightly fluffier texture and has a savory taste that comes from coconut milk. The rice is cooked in coconut milk until it is half cooked, then steamed until cooked, like cooking rice in general. Liwet rice is served with chicken opor, pindang egg, chicken and chayote and then wrapped in banana leaves to make it more fragrant and has a natural aroma.

5. Hainanese rice

Hainan rice is indeed processed by Chinese people to be precise from Hainan China. But even though it comes from China, Nasi Hainan has become one of the foods that are familiar to Indonesian people. How to cook Hainanese rice is rice cooked with ginger, pandan leaves, chicken stock, and chicken fat. Usually Hainanese rice is served with boiled chicken and broth. Delicious is the first impression when you eat this Hainanese rice.

6. Kebuli rice

Surely you are already familiar with kebuli rice. Kebuli rice is a typical Betawi food. Kebuli rice is rich in spices because it is cooked with goat or coconut milk broth and then stir-fried with spices such as garlic, black pepper, shallots, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, coriander and nutmeg. Is even more delicious because it is served with pieces of mutton and sliced ​​dates.

7. Grilled Rice

The next processed rice in Indonesia is grilled rice. This one rice dish is different from other rice preparations because it is cooked by burning it. Before serving, the rice is wrapped in banana leaves and baked on hot coals until it has a distinctive aroma. Served with anchovies, peda fish, shrimp, tofu, tempeh, mushrooms, salted duck eggs, and others.

8. Nasi Becek

After the rickshaw, next there is muddy rice. As the name implies, wet rice or sego becek is a soup of rice that is similar to soup but is topped with peanut sauce. The distinctive feature of this muddy rice lies in the top of the rice, which has additional thinly sliced ​​cabbage, bean sprouts, and pieces of meat, then served with goat satay complete with peanut sauce and shallots on top.

9. Nasi Bogana

Maybe many of you have never heard of Bogana rice. This processed rice comes from Tegal. This rice is served with various side dishes such as chicken opor, or beef jerky, coconut srundeng, fried chili sauce and shrimp paste sauce. Then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to produce a spicy savory taste that does not exist in other foods.


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