Unique of meatballs that only exist in Indonesia – Part 1

This article will discuss about the unique and creative types of meatballs that only exist in Indonesia such as Malang meatballs, Solo meatballs, Wonogiri meatballs, and others.

Indonesia has a variety of culinary delights that are well known throughout the world. Not only satay and fried rice which are famous as Indonesian specialties. The round meatball is also a legendary culinary from Indonesia that is craved from the lower class to the top and the taste is guaranteed to always be delicious. Investigate it, meatballs are actually original food from the bamboo curtain country, aka China. Even so, meatballs are ingrained in Indonesia, it’s no wonder almost every region has their own unique meatballs which is exist.

But not Indonesians, if they are not creative, meatballs, which are normally served with noodles and soup, are now experiencing innovation to create unique meatballs that you can only find in Indonesia. Are you curious about these unique meatballs? just check it right away !!

1. Boedjangan meatballs

Weiitss !! From the name, maybe this meatball can only be enjoyed by those who are still bachelors ??, but take it easy, friend, this meatball can be enjoyed by anyone, how come they don’t choose status. You can find this unique meatball outlet throughout the Jabodetabek area, but it originates from the City of Flowers, Bandung. This meatball offers all kinds of fillings from cheese, bird’s eye chilies and whole eggs. But the most interesting thing is the cheese filling because it is very tasty and delicious. One bowl is sold with prices ranging from 20 to 30 thousand Rupiah.

2. Penyet Meatballs

Penyet chicken, tempeh penyet are still natural, yes and we often meet on the side of the road, but this is the penyet meatball ?? Yep, in fact, there is this unique meatball table. It is named bakso penyet because it is served on a mortar and eaten with chili grind just like you eat chicken or tempeh penyet. You can imagine, the taste must be spicy and delicious, make you addicted! You can find this meatball outlet in a restaurant called Warung Bu Kris which is located in Fatmawati, South Jakarta. The price is also quite affordable, only 22 thousand Rupiah per portion.

3. Meatballs Comberan

Whew !! Who is confused with this unique meatball? Don’t get me wrong first, because this meatball is not open to scrabble or gummy soup. But why is it called meatball gutter because the sauce is dark black like sewage water. But wait until you try it yourself, because in terms of taste, this meatball can be said to be really good. Because the dark black sauce comes from rawon sauce which is then mixed with noodles, pieces of bone and lots of meat. Pak Bewok, the owner, combines the taste of kluwak with the savory meatballs so that the taste offered is more savory and fresh. One portion of this Comberan Meatball is sold at prices starting from 12 thousand Rupiah. The location is in front of the entrance to the University of Indonesia.

4. Moncrot Meatballs

One of the most unique meatballs in Indonesia might be suitable to be given to this moncrot meatball. How could it not be, this meatball is made from tomatoes whose contents are emptied. And then replaced with meatball dough. Even though it’s strange, don’t doubt the taste of this unique meatball. Because the combination of the sour tomato flavor with the savory meatballs is very suitable especially when enjoyed when it rains. The Moncrot Meatball Shop, located in Tebet, South Jakarta, serves this tomato meatball menu at a price of IDR 24,500 per portion.

Still have another list for unique of meatball that you can find only in Indonesia, see in the next article…


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