Unique of meatballs that only exist in Indonesia – Part 2

Talking about meatballs in Indonesia is probably almost the same as we are talking about how many tribes there are in Indonesia. Because there are so many unique that only exist in Indonesia, ranging from typical Solo meatballs, Malang meatballs, Urat meatballs and others.

But not Indonesians, if they are not creative, meatballs, which are normally served with noodles and soup, are now experiencing innovation to create unique meatballs that you can only find in Indonesia. Continues about article before, are you still curious about these unique meatballs? check it right now !!

1. H.M.Nasir Tennis Ball Meatball

Want to eat meatballs together with friends and family ?? This meatball is suitable for your choice, because its large size almost exceeds the size of a baby’s head. Meanwhile, these meatballs are sold at a fairly expensive price, namely 100 thousand Rupiah per bowl and can only be found in the Pamulang University area.

2. Gravel Meatballs

If the previous one was a large meatball, this unique meatball is as small as pebbles on the edge of a river. Even so, the dough used to make these meatballs is still the same and the taste is delicious. For those who are interested in trying it, you can stop by the original shop in Yogyakarta. One portion is usually filled with 3 to 6 small meatballs which are guaranteed to be addictive.

3. Barbell Meatballs

Just by looking at it we can already guess if this meatball has an anti-mainstream shape! Instead of being round like usual, this meatball is in the form of a barbell. Not only the meatball, but it turns out that all the equipment is also in the form of a barbell. This meatball outlet which is located at Jalan Riau 205, Bandung does offer barbell-shaped meatballs, because the owner who turns out to be Agung Hercules deliberately created this type because of his love for the sport.

4. Bakso Beranak

Innovations in the meatball world continue to grow. After meatballs with various sizes and various fillings, now comes the children’s meatballs. The meaning of bakso beranak is the meatball in the meatball. Once you cut large meatballs, you can get small meatballs or other fillings such as tofu or dumplings. This meatball has shocked culinary lovers because in addition to offering very large meatballs (exceeding the size of a bowl). It can also produce small meatballs in the giant meatball. For those who want to try this Beranak Meatball, 1 portion is sold for 30 thousand Rupiah, and is located in the Sentul area, Bogor.

5. Bakso Bakar Malang

Malang is a meatball paradise which is famous to various regions in Indonesia. If you come to Malang, try various processed meatballs, from standard to grilled meatballs, which have a taste for faith. This grilled meatball will be skewered into a satay-like sauce then grilled with soy sauce and onions and chili sauce which tastes very kicking. For those of you who want to try an original and authentic taste, you can stop by a shop near SMPN 2 Malang or Jalan Pahlawan Trip.

6. Bowl Meatballs

Bakso Mangkok is a type of meatball that weighs up to 2 kilograms. Hmm … it’s huge! It’s so big, no one has been able to finish it alone. Even eaten by 4 people there will still be a lot left. If you want to try this giant meatball, please stop by the shop which is located on Jalan Sukawarna, Cicendo, Bandung City. 1 serving of Mangkok Meatballs is sold for 25 thousand Rupiah (for the smaller version of the meatball or as big as an adult’s hand) and 150 thousand Rupiah for the jumbo version.

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