Unique Jakarta Culinary Tour That Is Again Hits

Unique Jakarta Culinary Tour That Is Again Hits – Jakarta’s culinary delights are truly diverse. Maybe this is a reflection of Jakarta’s human diversity. As the nation’s capital, people from all over the world are here. Betawi people themselves, people from all regions of Indonesia, as well as from abroad.
Jakarta culinary tourism can no longer be just plain and delicious. Because if you talk about delicious and tasty, busy people with the highest UMR in Indonesia, maybe they can get it every day. What they need is a different experience when enjoying culinary.

They get different experiences in culinary tourism in Jakarta when they eat in unique places. For example, a panoramic view of the forest, even though it is in the city. Or feel the atmosphere back in the village at grandparent’s house during Eid homecoming by eating under a tree. Things like this have colored Jakarta’s culinary hits recently.
Choice of Culinary Locations in Jakarta
Here are some culinary attractions in Jakarta that you can try to start your adventure to taste the capital city of this country.

Take A Bite Cafe Unique Jakarta Culinary

For fans of the Harry Potter story, there is no need to go far to Osaka or London. Even in Jakarta, you can feel the unique experience of being in a magical atmosphere of magic. The experience is even packaged in the form of a Jakarta culinary tour, which offers a memorable dining experience with the atmosphere of the Hogwarts Campus.

At this culinary location in Jakarta, visitors can hunt for Harry Potter-themed photos in all corners, including platform replicas 9 ¾. At first glance, this cafe looks like the Three Broomsticks shop in Diagon Alley, complete with dim lights, wooden chairs, and magic posters. which was pinned to the pillars.

It is not only the architectural design that depicts the world of Harry Potter, but also the delicious menu that it offers. There is Butterbeer which is a favorite among Hogwarts residents. For the food menu, there are various things, such as processed rice, noodles, and contemporary snacks.(Unique Jakarta Culinary Tour That Is Again Hits)

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