Typical Variety of Delicious Culinary From Pontianak

Typical Variety of Delicious Culinary From Pontianak – Culinary can indeed be a magnet for tourists. Bandung, Surabaya, or Solo, for example, are include in the ranks of popular tourist destination cities because of their culinary richness. After reviewing the culinary delights from several cities in Java, this time Hipwee wanted to go to Kalimantan for a moment. Take a look at the authentic culinary delights of the city of Pontianak which are said to be famous for their deliciousness.

Bubur Pedas is one of the most popular culinary delights from Pontianak City. This one dish is special because it uses unique ingredients, including fern shoots, galangal leaves, and other spices. The taste of this porridge is also very rich because you can find kale, kesum leaves, and fried peanuts and anchovies as sprinkles on it.

Typical Variety of Delicious Culinary From Pontianak

Apart from the spicy porridge, another culinary that is no less popular is the Punai bird. Punai bird is a type of bird similar to a dove, green and reddish beaks. The birds are usually caught by nets and are found around Pontianak and Mempawah.

Punai birds are usually process by frying or grilling. The texture of Punai’s meat, which is very tasty and soft, tastes delicious to eat, so when you visit Pontianak, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to taste; this one culinary treat.

Sotong Pangkong is one of the typical Pontianak foods that appears during the month of Ramadan. After grilling, the cuttlefish will be beaten so that the meat is more tender. This Sotong Pangkong is serve with peanut sauce or sweet and sour chili sauce. When smeared with chili sauce, the savory taste of this squid will taste more delicious in the mouth.(Typical Variety of Delicious Culinary From Pontianak)

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