Typical snacks from Eastern Indonesia – part 1

Typical snacks from Eastern Indonesia, are not as popular as snacks from Western or Central Indonesia such as cilok, seblak, dumplings, batagor, etc. Even so, the diversity and deliciousness of snacks typical of Eastern Indonesia cannot be underestimated, you know. Eastern Indonesia, which includes the islands of Sulawesi, Maluku, Nusa Tenggara, and Papua, has a wide variety of special foods and snacks that taste will make you fall in love the first time you try them. Are you curious about what kind of snacks are typical of Eastern Indonesia? For that, here are 5 delicious East Indonesian-style snacks that you must try. So let’s check it out guys!

1. Papeda

If you have the opportunity to visit Eastern Indonesia, especially Papua or Maluku, then don’t miss being able to taste the original papeda taste or sago porridge from its home region. One of the staple foods favored by Papuans is made from sago and is quite well known in Indonesia. The texture is chewy and sticky with a bland taste which is usually consumed with a savory yellow broth. Don’t worry, because the papeda content is good for health, you know!

2. Lontar Cake

There is also Lontar Cake which is a typical Papuan snack and arguably the most popular among the local community. If you look at it, the lontar cake does have a shape similar to a milk pie or a cheesetart which is currently hitting hits. But what makes it even more unique is that this egg-based snack is printed using a ceramic plate, so the results are bigger. Lontar cakes are usually made before Eid and Christmas.

3. Martabak Sago

Maybe we have often tried various kinds of sweet and egg martabak. But if you visit Eastern Indonesia, you will be curious about the sago martabak. Indonesia also has sago martabak which tastes no less delicious than other types of martabak.

As the name suggests, this martabak is made from mashed sago, then fried, the dough is then mixed with brown sugar or palm sugar. The taste of the martabak from Fak Fak Regency, West Papua is a little different. There are sweet and savory which dominate.

4. Bagea cake

For those of you who are on vacation in the Ternate area and are looking for a suitable snack to drink coffee or tea, then Bagea Cake can be the right choice. Bagea cake is a traditional cake from the people of Palopo, Ternate which has a savory taste and is not too sweet. This cake is made from sago flour with various flavors, such as nuts, walnuts and sesame. The shape is usually made into small pieces with a brown color. It has a slightly hard texture but melts in the mouth when eaten.

5. Klappertaart

Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi province, also has a typical snack with delicious flavors, namely Klappertaart. Klappertaart itself is a typical Manado cake made from coconut, milk, butter, eggs and wheat flour. This cake consists of 2 types, namely the solid texture Klappertaart which is baked and uses bread, and the soft texture Klappertaart that is not baked. This one cake is perfect for you sweet food lovers.

That’s 5 recommendations for snacks typical of Eastern Indonesia that are delicious and you can read more snacks you must try in the next article. May be useful!


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