Typical North Sumatra Culinary You Need to Try

Typical North Sumatra Culinary You Need to Try – The North Sumatra region is indeed popular for its natural beauty which can attract thousands of tourists. But not only is it bless with natural charm, this area also has a variety of specialties that have unique flavors and are guarante to be addictive.

If interprete in Indonesian, Dekke Na Niura means fish that is manage without using fire but is good and delicious to eat. This fish is cook through the fermentation of the main seasoning, namely Batak acid or what is often known as “Utte Sira”. Commonly used fish are goldfish and tilapia.

This food tastes exactly like spiced fresh fish but does not have a fishy smell. The connoisseur of this dish will find a bitter taste; because of the typical Batak spices contained in it, namely andaliman.

Typical North Sumatra Culinary You Need to Try

Lappet, a sweet snack that is usually serve wrapp in banana leaves, is a typical North Sumatra food serve in a round or cone; triangle shape. These snacks are usually made from glutinous rice flour or plain rice fille with brown sugar or coconut in the middle which will melt when eaten. If you use sticky rice, this food will taste sticky and savory when enjoyed. This food will be very easy to find around the balige to tarutung area.

Dali Ni Horbo, natural buffalo milk that is processed into food has the appearance of tofu but tastes like cheese. That’s why this preparation is often dub the typical Batak cheese. This buffalo milk comes from a nursing mother. The squeeze milk is then serve in a Batak style. Milk is cook with several ingredients and served like porridge. Fresh milk is first mix with pineapple extract, after which it is cook until thicken. This thickened dali can be consume immediately. Some also process it first by cooking it with typical Batak spices to make it more enjoyable to eat.(Typical North Sumatra Culinary You Need to Try)

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