Typical Food for Breaking the fast in the World – Part 2

Usually during this fasting period, the food and drinks served by each family must be more special than the usual days. Ramadan-specific food and drinks will certainly be hunted during the month of Ramadan. This article still continued discuss from article before about typical food for breaking the fast in the world that maybe you can try it if you have a chance.

11. Dates (Saudi Arabia)

The city of Medina in Saudi Arabia is the number one date producing country in the world with a total of 120 types of dates. The sweet taste of dates is slightly sour and healthy and the numbers are soaring that they are a favorite food for breaking the fast.

12. Nasi Lemak (Malaysia)

Indonesia’s neighboring country which is also predominantly Muslim is Malaysia. There nasi lemak is a favorite menu when breaking the fast. Malaysian Muslims consider it incomplete to break their fast without nasi lemak.

13.Mezza (Lebanon)

Mezza is a food that has the main ingredient of meat and you have to use your hands to eat it. This food has a blend of chopped tomatoes, pickles, and nuts. It’s not complete to break your fast in Lebanon if you haven’t eaten Mezza delights.

14. Nasi Briyani (Singapore)

Apart from Malaysia, Singapore is also a neighboring country to Indonesia with a large Muslim population. In Singapore, most Muslims come from Indonesia and have Indian descent, so it’s no wonder that Indian culinary delights are a favorite there. One of the most popular is briyani rice as an iftar meal in Singapore which is certainly filling.

15. Boiled Crab (Brunei Darussalam)

If the menu of breaking the fast in various countries tends to be sweet food, but not for Brunei Darusallam. This Muslim country in Southeast Asia chooses boiled crab as a favorite food for breaking the fast. Not making it up, because the seller of boiled crab is the target of many people when looking for iftar dishes during Ramadan.

16. Mansaf (Jordan)

Mansaf is served on a large plate over khubz (flat Arabic bread) and rice. It is meant to be eaten together, as part of a social event. The guests gather around the table and enjoy the Mansaf, eaten with the fingertips of the right hand.

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