Trends Foods and Drinks 2021 – Part 2

We still continued to discuss about trends foods and drinks in 2021. Now there are many rows of foods and drinks that are becoming a trends in 2021 and are selling well in the market even though the pandemic has not yet ended. As we can see a lot of snacks that are viral among netizens nowdays, see the article below.

1. Jumbo Squid Meatballs

Not only lobster meatballs, jumbo squid meatballs are also one of the contemporary foods that you must try. As the name suggests, this meatball has a large size and is inserted into the squid which also has a large size. Not only that, this meatball dish is also often equipped with super spicy sauce and sauce that will make you sweat when you eat it. Because it is viral, you can also find these meatballs in several meatball stalls throughout Indonesia.

2. Cheese ball

For you cheese lovers, then don’t miss to be able to feel the delicious cheese ball which is one of the current foods in 2021 which is currently being loved by many people. As the name suggests, these are cheese balls that have a crunchy texture on the outside and melt on the inside. The cheese used is usually mozzarella cheese, which when fried will melt.

3. Baked milk

Baked milk, aka baked milk, is a contemporary snack that has recently gone viral among netizens. As the name suggests, this milk snack is processed by baking it. With mixed ingredients such as eggs, cornstarch and sugar, this baked milk has a delicious taste. The texture is very soft but a little crunchy on the outside because it is baked in the oven. Even this one snack is one of the current snacks in 2021 which is much favored by sweet snack lovers.

4. Marshmallow nougat

Nougat is a snack that is usually made from a mixture of nuts, sugar, eggs and usually added with honey. However, the current 2021 nougat that is currently popular with sweet foodies is the marshmallow nougat. Different from common nougats, this one nougat is made from marshmallows cooked with butter, powdered milk and a filling in the form of almonds and cranberries or other dried fruit. It tastes sweet and delicious. This snack trend is even very popular overseas.

5. Dessert box

Sweet food lovers, of course, are familiar with the dessert box, which is a modern sweet snack for 2021. As the name suggests, a dessert box is a type of super soft cake that is in a transparent food box. Unlike the usual desserts that are served on a plate, a dessert box can be eaten right from its place. The desserts that are arranged in a clear box usually consist of several layers such as sponge cake, soft cream, and various other toppings. How to eat this dessert box is also very practical so you can take it anywhere. Because you just need to spoon it and enjoy it.

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