This food tastes better at a warung than homemade

This article will discuss why this food tastes better at warung than homemade?

Some people say that eating food at home has many advantages compared to eating food in a stall, such as the quality of the ingredients you can pay attention to, you don’t use artificial flavors, aka mecin, and most importantly, it’s cheap. Maybe even free, the parents ask again.

But, sometimes, how delicious is homemade cooking, there are things that make us unable to turn away from the food tastes better at warung. For some reason, there are certain foods that taste a lot better if you buy them at a shop than you make your own. Hmm, you must have experienced something like this?

Well, here is a summary of various sources, this 6 food tastes better at a warung than homemade.

instant noodle
instant noodle

What foods are they?

1. Instant noodles

The favorite food of Indonesians and the savior of boarding school children, it tastes much safer to buy at a shop than making it yourself. In fact, the seasoning is the same and the seller doesn’t add anything. You’ve felt the same way, haven’t you?

2. Kentucky chicken or fried chicken

If you buy this fried chicken at a well-known fast food or street vendor franchise that is cheaper, the taste can be delicious. Crispy and distinctive taste. If you make it yourself, I don’t know why if it’s not hard it feels really floury.

3. French fries

Well, this is still friends with crispy fried chicken. If you buy potatoes at a restaurant or on the side of the road, they can be crispy and taste tempting. Hmm, because it is expensive and the portions are small, in the end, you buy a pound of raw potatoes and fry it yourself. The taste must be different, right? Is not it?

4. Fried rice

This food is indeed more delicious if you buy it on a roadside cart. If you make it yourself, don’t ask. It’s good, it’s delicious, but the taste is less kicking and different. Yes or not?

5. Fry

Making fried food is actually easy, just fry it like normal side dishes (it’s even harder to fry chicken or fish, you know!). Um, but yes, it’s easy to make it doesn’t guarantee it tastes as good as a roadside fry. Do you agree that the fried foods that are sold to the ladies or gentlemen in the warung taste much better?

6. Sweet iced tea and lemon ice

It’s not food, but it’s okay to include it as well because this drink has the same fate as the five foods above. The way to make it is really easy! But strangely, if you make it yourself, it doesn’t taste like it is in the stalls. It’s not as enjoyable and urgent as if we buy it at a shop or place to eat.

What do you think about it? Do you agree? Hmm … what else do you think about food, which is much better if you buy it than making your own?

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