The Starbucks Coffee Logo

The Starbucks coffee label is truly iconic, even without looking at the logo, we can imagine the product just by hearing the name alone.

However, do you know what the name of this famous coffee drink label means and how it relates to the iconic female image on its logo?

Reporting from the Reader’s Diggest page, the image of the woman on the logo of The Starbucks coffee label is a mythological creature called a siren, which is a sea fairy.

Initially, Gordon Bowker who is the co-founder of Starbuck intended to call this coffee company the “Cargo House”. Something that probably wouldn’t make it as big as it is now if it happened. The owner also explained that this coffee shop would also be named “Pequod”, the name of Captain Ahab’s ship in the epic Moby Dick story about whaling.

But Terry Heckler, the brand consultant who designed the line’s logo, doesn’t really like the name. Heckler preferred words that seemed to have power such as those beginning with the phoneme “st.”. In 2016, had grown to more than 25,000 outlets.

This was the beginning of a brand

From there, Bowker made a list of the “st” words. However, Starbucks was not on his list. When Bowker and his friends tried to come up with a name for their outlet, Heckler pulled out a map of Mount Rainer and Cascade in the 1800s. In the question, there is a mining town called Starbos which really catches Bowker’s attention.

Bowker immediately remembered one of the Pequod crew, “Starbuck”. Then, they add an “s” behind the word to make it sound “nice” when pronounced. The company thought that the name “Starbucks” seemed to evoke “the romance of the high seas and shipping traditions during the early days of the coffee trade.”

However, Bowker did not agree with this. He argues that the Moby Dick story has nothing to do with their coffee. According to him, this was just a coincidence that made it sound plausible. The siren logo, which originally depicted a more terrifying creature.

Is gradually being changed to a more friendly logo that resembles a mermaid. However, for some, the name is no longer associated with ships, whales, or oceans. They remember it more as a place for a good coffee.

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