The other Names of Pigs that may be found in the Food

For those of you who are Muslims, to look for food you may have to be more careful when looking at the food ingredients contained in every menu or snack that you buy, because it is not uncommon for ready-to-eat food that now contains pork even though in other terms. Maybe this does not only apply to those of you who are Muslims, those of you who are allergic to pork ingredients should also know the other names of pigs that may be found in the food you order or buy. Immediately, let’s vek below another name for the pig that you should know!

1. Bacon

Bacon is a meat product made from pork. This food comes from America which usually uses pork belly or lard as a side. In Indonesia, most of them only use the meat. Bacon is eaten grilled, boiled, fried or used as an ingredient in other foods.

2. Tonkotsu

From the name, this food is predictable if it comes from Japan. Tonkotsu is a cloudy ramen dish made from pork bones, fat and collagen. So if you find this menu at the Japanese restaurant you are visiting, don’t buy it!

3. Chu Nyuk

This one is a pig term from the Khek / Hakka language. Pork usually processed in dumplings or porridge.

4. Yakibuta

Another term for pork in Japanese besides Tonkotsu is Yakibuta. The difference, this yakibuta pork used as a topping for ramen.

5. B2

If this term comes from Indonesia itself, which stands for pork. B2 made from pork. Either seasoned red, soy sauce or grilled. All foods made from pork are named B2. This term is thick in the Yogyakarta and Batak areas.

6. Lard

This one isn’t pork or pork bones, but pork lard. This lard prepared together with many ingredients or cakes.

7. Dwaeji

If this one comes from Korea. In Korean, dwaeji means pork. Dwaeji usually used in a variant of bulgogi or galb. So hopefully this article can be useful for you to know which foods contain pork and which do not contain pork.


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