The Most Suitable Foods during the Rainy Season – Part 1

The rainy season is also synonymous with cold which usually makes us susceptible to flu and also hunger. When it comes to your stomach, chilly during the rainy season is the best for eating warm food and drinks. But just warm is not enough. Of course, this warm food and drink should be filling. The following are some of the most suitable foods to eat during the rainy season.

1. Meatballs

Cold when it rains, meatballs are the most coveted food for many people. How could I not, this soft texture food served warm will make your day feel fresher and more vibrant. The best thing when it rains is to eat meatballs with a super spicy sauce. It must be really delicious.

In addition, one of the favorite foods of Indonesians can also be found anywhere. For example, you are at home and it is raining, usually there are meatball workers passing by. Or if you are on the road and it’s raining, on the sides of the road there are also many who sell meatballs.

You can also make your own meatballs. This meatball includes foods that are easy to make. You only need ground beef, which is then added with seasonings, and flour, then rounded. Usually, meatballs will be served with noodles or rice noodles, plus warm sauce and a sprinkling of celery and fried onions.

2. Soto

The soup with the meat filling is sure to warm your day when the rainy season arrives. There are many types of Soto itself, different regions, usually different kinds of soup that you have. But all soup is definitely delicious when eaten when it rains.

This food is indeed suitable for eating during the rainy season, the warm sauce and savory filling make the soup even more delicious. Not only that, the sprinkles of celery and onion leaves also make our appetite increase and of course want to finish it quickly.

3. Boiled noodles

Rain, definitely make us lazy to leave the house. Colds like this make us hungrier. Because we are lazy to buy food outside, another way out we are definitely making boiled noodles. Yes, the instant noodles that we usually stock at home will become a luxury food when the rainy season arrives. Boiled noodles are served warm with the addition of vegetables and meat or eggs in them, which will make us even more intrigued to enjoy them.

4. Chicken Soup

This food is not only delicious to eat during the rainy season, but also can be used to maintain body condition. Where chicken soup can help us overcome nasal congestion due to flu. Soups served warm can help keep your body temperature stable. In chicken soup, of course, one of the spices used is garlic. In garlic contains allicin which can fight bacteria and infections.

5. Pempek Palembang

No need to wait for the rainy season, this Palembang specialty is delicious to eat at any time. But when it rains, eating Palembang pempek will certainly be even more delicious. The vinegar sauce that is poured over the slices of lenjer, adaan or submarine will make your tongue shake.

There is still more the most suitable foods during the rainy season that you can find in the next article, stay tuned guys!

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