The Most Suitable Foods during the Rainy Season – Part 2

During the rainy season is the best for eating warm food, but just warm is not enough but should be filling. This article continued discuss some of the most suitable foods to eat during the rainy season. Let check out!

1. Corn on the cob and roasted corn

Corn is a cheap food that tastes good. Baisanya corn is often processed by boiling or roasting. For roasted corn, it is better to use young corn, so that it is too hard. This corn is best enjoyed when it rains when it’s warm. Corn itself contains lots of fiber, vitamin B complex, and antioxidants.

2. Binte Biluhuta

This typical Gorontalo food is actually in the form of corn soup. The addition of spices such as vegetable starfruit, coconut, basil, leeks and lime makes it even more delicious. Plus, extra prawns! By local people, this food is also called milu (corn) siram. It is most delicious to eat when it is cold during the rainy season. Because binte biluhuta is a local food, you will not have trouble tasting it if you travel to Gorontalo.

3. Tongseng

For those of you who are fans of goat meat, a hot food in the rainy season that is often sought after is probably tongseng. The sauce, which is slightly thick with a mixture of spices and added with sliced ​​mutton, is most suitable to eat when the body is feeling cold. Apart from mutton, there are other meat options such as chicken and beef.

4. Gulai

Gulai is a dish made from chicken, fish, goat, beef or other types of vegetables such as young jackfruit and cassava leaves, which are processed in a savory spice sauce. The curry has a characteristic feature where the spices are rich in spices such as turmeric, coriander, pepper, galangal, ginger, chili, onion / white, fennel, nutmeg, lemongrass, cinnamon & cumin which are mashed, mixed, then cooked in savory coconut milk. Duh, it’s really delicious, especially if the rainy season arrives, the food served warm is certainly more delicious and tempting.

5. Fried bananas

Who has never eaten fried banana? surely no one doubts the delicacy of this one food. Although this food can be found in various forms in Indonesia. like in Java, you usually eat fried bananas just like that, accompanied by coffee or hot tea. However, in Manado as well as in Makassar, fried bananas are enjoyed together with sambal dabu-dabu and sambal roa.

Apart from being fried, bananas can also be processed by flattening them and then grilling them over charcoal. Besides that, Kalimantan-style fan-fried banana is also a popular snack nowadays.

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