The most Suitable Drinks during the Rainy Season – Part 2

During the rainy season is the best for eating warm drink, but just warm is not enough but should be filling. This article continued discuss some of the most suitable drinks to eat during the rainy season. Let check out!

1. Wedang Ginger

Wedang ginger is a popular drink to warm the body. This ginger-based drink is very easy to make yourself at home. The method is quite easy, use enough ginger, wash it with clean water, mash it, then put it in a glass and pour hot water.

You can add sugar to make it sweet and not too spicy, but ginger without added sugar is better for warming the body, eliminating bloating and colds. Ginger itself is a medicinal plant that acts as an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

2. Warm milk

One more drink that is suitable to drink during cold weather when the rainy season arrives. In addition to the many benefits of milk and its delicious and sweet taste, milk is a drink that is often hunted during the rainy season. In addition, milk can also restore decreased body resistance throughout the rainy season. This is because milk is a source of calcium and protein which contains phosphorus, vitamins, potassium, magnesium and zinc which are beneficial for our bodies.

3. Bajigur

This warm Sundanese drink is made from coconut milk, palm sugar, pandan leaves and a pinch of salt. Bajigur has a sweet and savory taste. Bajigur is very suitable for consumption during the rainy season. Usually the Bajigur seller sells one glass of warm Bajigur with boiled bananas, boiled peanuts, boiled sweet potatoes and leaf-wrapped banana cake.

4. Bandrek

Like the bajigur, bandrek is also popular among the Sundanese people. However, bandrek is also easily available in other areas in Indonesia, such as Medan. The main composition of bandrek is ginger, brown sugar, pandan leaves, and cinnamon. Sometimes this one drink is also added with cloves. In addition to warm the body, bandrek is believed to increase stamina, especially when facing the rainy season. Almost the same as bandrek is Sarabba. This Makassar specialty drink consists of ginger, palm sugar, coconut milk and egg yolk, plus ground pepper

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