The Most Suitable Drinks during the Rainy Season – part 1

The rainy season is also synonymous with cold which usually makes us susceptible to flu and also hunger. When it comes to your stomach, chilly during the rainy season is the best for eating warm drinks. But just warm is not enough. Of course, this warm drink should be filling. The following are some of the most suitable drinks during the rainy season.

1. Coffee

Coffee is arguably the number 1 drink that is most suitable to accompany your activities in the rainy season. The sound of raindrops that reconcile the soul and tempt you to fall asleep quickly, will not mean anything if you are accompanied by a glass of coffee. The caffeine content in coffee can keep you awake and restore your spirits. Your spirits will stay clear, even if it’s raining outside.

2. Warm Chocolate

Weather in the rainy season can usually make you feel sleepy, for those of you who are working or working, it will be very annoying if the sleepiness comes to you. If the feeling comes up, you can overcome it by consuming chocolate or a glass of warm chocolate during recess. Chocolate can add excitement and ward off your drowsiness because chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine.

3. Pletok beer

Even though the name is Pletok Beer, this one drink does not have the slightest alcohol content. Pletok Beer is a typical Betawi drink made from a mixture of several spices such as ginger, fragrant pandan leaves, and lemongrass. This drink serves to treat colds. Due to its warm nature, pletok beer can also reduce cold and cough symptoms. Extreme weather and cold air during the rainy season that can cause flu symptoms can be overcome by drinking this one drink.

4. Round

Even though this one drink is a typical drink from Yogyakarta and Semarang, you can also find this drink in other places such as Malang, Magelang and other places. Ronde itself is a bowl of ginger broth accompanied by roasted peanuts and a round chewy snack filled with beans and brown sugar.

There is also an additional kind of dawet mixed with the sauce. Very suitable for drinking in the rainy season. The warmth of ginger can prevent you from flatulence during activities in the rainy season. The price also fits in the pocket for sure.

5. Angsle

Angsle is a delicious warm coconut milk snack, which consists of white sticky rice, plain bread, petulo (a kind of chewy but filling snack. Made from rice flour, then there are pearls and roasted peanuts. All the components in the angsle are doused with coconut milk sauce. It smells like pandanus and certainly feels warm. We can find this Angsle on the side of the road. The sellers usually use carts to sell their wares.

There is still more the most suitable drinks during the rainy season that you can find in the next article, stay tuned guys!


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