The Most Popular Malaysian Food – Part 2

The sum of many delicious parts, Malaysian cuisine’s influences include Chinese, Indian and Malay. In some ways it’s similar to Indonesian food, with the two nations sharing many of the same dishes. Regardless, once you’re in Malaysia and eating, you’ll quickly dispense with historical concerns and wonder instead where your next meal is coming from and how you can you get to it sooner. This article will discuss about another list for the most popular Malaysian food for your recommend.

1. Wantan Mee

The next popular Malaysian culinary is Wantan Mee. Wantan mee itself is a noodle from China which is popular in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Maybe in Indonesia this noodle dish is better known as wonton noodles. These noodles are formulated from a combination of Hokkien noodles and wonton or dumplings that are doused with broth and minced meat.

2. Pull noodles

It’s not just tea that is pulled you know! This is because Malaysia also has a noodle dish which is processed by slamming and pulling the noodles. Pulled noodles may be found anywhere, including in Indonesia. However, this food is very popular in Malaysia. Mie Tarik or also called Lamian actually originates from China. This noodle is very special because the process of making this Mie Tarik can be a very interesting show. This noodle has a soft texture with a fresh broth. In addition, these noodles are also often served with side dishes such as boiled eggs or sliced ​​meat.

3. Chicken Percik

The next famous Malaysian culinary is Ayam Percik. As the name implies, this culinary is made from chicken which is obtained with various types of spices. Malaysia has 2 famous types of chicken, namely the Kelantan and the Trengganu. The Kelantan percik chicken uses sauce and spices from a mixture of coconut milk and a number of spices, while the Trengganu percik chicken is made with the addition of chili seasoning so that the taste is spicier and more appetizing. This chicken is usually processed by soaking the chicken in spices and then grilling it so that it is slightly angus. When the chicken is being grilled, it will usually be sprinkled with additional seasonings so it is called chicken splash.

4. Chicken Pongteh

Furthermore, there is Pongteh Chicken which is one of the typical Malaysian foods that you must try when traveling to the neighboring country. Unlike the chicken percik, pongteng chicken is usually served with potato wedges and shitake mushrooms. At first glance, this dish is similar to Indonesian chicken stew. The color of the sauce is reddish brown and a bit thick, with a distinctive taste due to the use of tauco that is mixed when it is cooked.

5. Umai

If Japan has sushi made from raw fish, then Malaysia has umai which is both made from raw fish. The fish you choose to make umai must be fresh. Not all types of fish can be made umai. Usually, Malaysians choose terubuk fish, machetes, white pomfret, black pomfret, or shrimp. This Malaysian fish dish is served with a mixture of shallots, garlic, chilies, salt and seasonings.

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