The Most Extreme Mukbang – Part 1

Many people are attracted to watching mukbang broadcasts because it can increase one’s appetite. The reason is, as we know, most of the food menus served by the mukbang hosts are delicious and appetizing, especially by eating which makes anyone who sees them swallow their saliva and want to immediately eat the food they see on the mukbang broadcast.┬áBut unfortunately not all content creators or mukbang hosts serve food that is always delicious. Sometimes they also show food that is very extreme, ridiculous and even disgusting as their mukbang content. Let me not be curious, here are some of the most extreme mukbang that are currently trending. Check it out guys!

1. Live octopus mukbang

Those who often watch mukbang broadcasts on YouTube may not be unfamiliar with the Korean special food menu, Sannakji. Sannakji are octopus tentacles served raw, and we can still see the movements of the tentacles as if they were alive when the mukbang hosts ate them. But sannakji is too ordinary to watch, guys. What’s even more extreme is eating a whole octopus that is still alive and breathing straight away in a raw state like one of the mukbang hosts did, guys!

This female mukbang host stole the attention of netizens by eating live octopus. He greedily chewed on the octopus’s still active body. Not only one live octopus, but several live octopuses squirm in front of it and become its food. While eating it, he put the head of the octopus into his mouth and chewed it. The legs of the octopus wriggled against this woman’s face, even sticking past her eyes to her forehead. The tentacles on the octopus legs were even firmly attached to her lips and cheeks.

2. Mukbang Snake

After the octopus is alive, the next extreme mukbang that many mukbang hosts serve is the snake menu. Even though it has been cooked and the head has been removed, the shape of the snake is still intact, long and coiled and the skin of the snake is still intact with scales and shiny. Many netizens were disgusted by seeing the mukbang program from BINH ASMR, which showed a male host eating a snake voraciously in front of the camera.

3. Mukbang boiled frogs

Have you ever thought about eating frogs for dinner? Never mind eating it, just looking at the frog is scared and amused. Now the next extreme Mukbang is eating boiled frogs, guys. In LINH-ASMR’s video, he shows how delicious this female mukbang host eats 2 boiled frogs that still look slimy. The pattern on the frog’s skin is still visible so it looks very ridiculous. Many netizens praised the courage of this one girl who ate frog meat like eating chicken.

Still curious about the most extreme mukbang? stay tuned on the next article!

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