The Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

This article will discuss about 7 of the most expensive restaurants in the world that will make you drool and dry your wallet. Who does not like to eat well, let alone free at elite class restaurants, WOW what dreams of having such a chance all night. The logic is that to be able to eat well, especially in expensive / elite restaurants, of course we need capital.

But don’t worry as the name is an elite restaurant, between service and food is in accordance with the price that makes people like us make a bag of clums. As an illustration, who knows that later you will get this fortune, there are 7 most expensive restaurants in the world that are right for those of you who have thick pockets


This restaurant was opened in 2012 by a French chef named Paul Pairet. This restaurant offers the pleasure of a real dining sensation. If you want, please come to Shanghai and get ready to spend 450 US dollars or nearly Rp 6 million per person.

Restaurant Guy Savoy De Paris

The most expensive restaurant in the world – Restaurant Guy Savoy De Paris This restaurant is owned by a three Michelin star chef. Considering that the dish is really special, don’t be shocked when you pay the bill. The food there costs at least 525 US dollars or nearly Rp 7 million for one meal per person.

Hertog Jan

Located in Burges, Belgium, the fare to eat here is around IDR 3.6 million per person. The price will be comparable to the taste and quality of the food because all the ingredients are grown independently.

De Librije

If you are on vacation in the Netherlands, you can try eating at De Librije, which is located in Zwolle. This restaurant owned by chefs Jonnie Boer and Therese Boer offers modern food made from regional and seasonal products. One meal there, prepare 290 US dollars or Rp. 3.8 million.

Schloss Schauenstein

In order to eat at this restaurant in Furstenau, Switzerland, you have to be willing to spend Rp.4.7 million per person. This price is comparable to the food plus the place to eat. You will enjoy dining in a palace that was built in the 18th century and has a typical medieval decor.

Michel Bras Toya

Another expensive restaurant is in Toya, Japan. Don’t pass out if you know the minimum cost for eating here, around 410 US dollars or Rp. 5.4 million. This restaurant offers French specialties processed in Japanese style. What’s more, visitors will be treated to a beautiful view of the Toya volcanic lake.

Joel Robuchon Restaurant

You must have at least 230 US dollars or more than Rp 3 million to eat here. What’s so special in this restaurant? In 1989, a chef at the restaurant was awarded as “Chef of the Century” by Gault Millau.

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