The best Mexican Restaurants in Jakarta – Part 1

Want to know the best Mexican restaurants in Jakarta with flavors that will make you crave? Check out the reviews below.

Mexican food does not have a rich, spicy taste like Indonesian food. Even so, the different taste of this food always successfully shakes the tongue of the audience, even this food will make you addicted.

The popularity of Mexican food among the public has led to the mushrooming of Mexican restaurants in big cities, one of which is Jakarta. For those of you who like Mexican food, you can visit some of the best Mexican restaurants in Jakarta, here is a list of the restaurants.

1. Amigos Bar and Cantina

This Mexican restaurant is located in Kuningan, where this restaurant has been established since 1979. The place that has been around for 42 years is thick with Mexican nuances that can be seen from the interior of the building inside. You will find wooden wheel ornaments, cacti and traditional Mexican clothes that add to the Mexican atmosphere.

The menu is quite diverse and has a large portion. Here there is a menu of Nachos and Fajitas which are typical of Mexican dishes. There are also tacos that offer two kinds, namely with a tortilla or corn-based flour base.

Apart from food, there is also a drink menu ranging from coffee to mocktails that are worth a try.

Each restaurant has its own way of attracting visitors’ attention, as well as this one restaurant. This restaurant regularly holds parties ranging from salsa dancing to Halloween celebrations.

2. Bottlenose Shack

For those of you who want to hang out while tasting Mexican food, just come to the Bottlenose Shack. This restaurant is located in Tanjung Duren, Jakarta and offers outdoor and indoor dining places that you can choose from.

One of the interesting things about this place is that there is a large artificial tree that is very similar to a real tree. You can feel a comfortable impression when you enter this restaurant. Coupled with mural decorations that adorn the walls, make us move to capture the moment.

Get ready if you are confused to taste the menu because there are about 40 foods and drinks available here.

3. Casa Mexico

Even though the place is not too big, you must visit this restaurant to enjoy the delicious Mexican food. When visiting one of the things that is interesting to see is the bar area. The bar is not big but enough to relax and interact while tasting a few drinks.

As the name suggests this restaurant offers authentic Mexican food from appetizers to desserts. Do not forget also with typical Mexican drinks, namely margaritas and other drinks.

You really have to put this restaurant on your visit list, you know!

4. CHILECO Mexican Grill

For those of you who are in the SCBD area and want to taste Mexican food, just try coming to CHILECO Mexican Grill. This restaurant is not too big but it is very comfortable to visit.

This restaurant offers several authentic and delicious menus such as their superior dishes namely Naked Burritos, Tacos, Nachos and others. In addition, there are also Grilled Chicken Tacos and Grilled Chicken Burritos menus that can make you addicted.

When viewed from the price, it is a little bit expensive, but it is equivalent to the taste provided by this restaurant.

We still have more list about mexican restaurants in Jakarta in next article, stay tuned!


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