The Best Mayonnaise Brand – Part 2

This article will continued discuss about the best mayonnaise brand. So many mayonnaise product that recommend for you which product are from abroad or within the country. Here the list.

1. Spicy Mayumi Mayonnaise

This mayonnaise product is also very popular in the community with a variety of packaging sizes that you can choose from. This mayonnaise has a less spicy taste and is smoother than the spicy wasabi flavor. This product is perfect for use as a fried dip or salad dressing.

2. O-mayo Mayo Sauce

If you are enjoying foods that are generally oily, you can use this one mayo, namely Mayo Sauce O-mayo. This mayonnaise has a sweet taste that is quite strong, so it goes well with greasy foods. This product is packaged in various sizes but there is no tube or large bottle packaging so it is very difficult to store.

3. Prochiz Mayo

Prochiz Mayo is one of the best mayonnaise brands with a delicious taste because it is made from selected cheeses. This product processed with cheddar cheese and other raw materials to produce a tasty and thick mayonnaise. This product is perfect for salads, burgers, sandwiches and more.

4. Praise Real Whole Egg Mayonnaise

Praise Real Whole Egg Mayonnaise is a delicious mayonnaise brand. This product comes from Australia which is made from whole eggs so it has a thick texture and a creamy taste. Apart from eggs, mayonnaise is also made from sunflower oil which contains antioxidants. By using selected raw materials, without artificial colorings and flavors. Mayonnaise is also very safe for consumption.

5. Papaya Kaihatsu Mayonaise

Papaya Kaihatsu Mayonaise uses natural ingredients and the manufacturing process makes it healthier. The taste of mayonnaise is delicious but not too strong so it is suitable for those of you who don’t like sour taste. But unfortunately, this product is quite expensive and the portion is not big enough.

6. Telly Vegetarian Mayo

Telly Vegetarian Mayo is one of the best mayonnaise brands originating from Malaysia which has a fresh taste with a creamy texture which can be used as a salad dressing and topping. Mayonnaise is suitable for consumption for you vegetarians because it is made from soybean oil, powdered milk, sugar and soybeans. Because it does not contain eggs, this product is also suitable for those of you who have egg allergy problems.

7. Thousand Island MC Lewis

Thousand Island MC Lewis is one of the most delicious mayonnaise brands that you can use for a variety of foods. Starting from hot dogs, burgers, potatoes or others. This product is processed with the latest technology using a variety of selected ingredients. This mayonnaise has a good taste and is not too strong, besides that it is also available in various flavors. Thousand Island MC Lewis is very suitable for those of you who are running a diet program.

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