Tempoe Doeloe Snacks Evolved to Modern Snacks – Part 1

Indonesia is indeed famous for its natural wealth and ethnicity to its culinary richness in spices and high taste. From ancient times, Indonesia has had typical snacks that are popular among the public. For example, there are satay, fried rice, gado-gado, to meatballs that have been popular and well-known overseas. However, there are also Indonesian culinary delights that have had their ups and downs until they are almost forgotten by Indonesians themselves. Curious about Indonesia Tempoe Doeloe snacks, which has now evolved changes to make it look more modern snacks? Immediately, see below !

1. Pinch Cake

In the 90s, this cubit cake had become a hit and sold well in the market. Until the emergence of new, more interesting cakes, made this pinch cake forgotten. But lately, kue cubit has returned to hits with a different and more attractive shape and taste with a variety of toppings that make it look tastier and more appetizing.

2. Cake Rangin

Cake Rangin is one of the snacks that have been around since your grandparents were young. Yup Rangin cake already exists and was popular when two or 3 decades ago. But over time, this rangin cake is increasingly inhabited and underestimated. Rangin cake sellers are rarely seen, although there are, of course not many people buy. However, in the last few years, rangin cake has become popular again because it looks more attractive and modern.

3. Sweet Martabak

Who has never eaten a sweet martabak or is often called bright? It seems that all Indonesians have tasted it, because this one snack is the easiest to find. Almost every busy street or night market has a sweet martabak. Sweet martabak is not like other snacks that have ups and downs. Sweet martabak is always there and always in demand from generation to generation. However, like a fashion that is always updated, even sweet martabak is growing in terms of appearance and taste. Like the modern sweet martabak that we can see on the market with a variety of appetizing toppings.

4. Crepes

As with sweet martabak, crepes also experience changes in appearance and taste. If in the past crepes were just a thin flour dough baked and covered in chocolate milk, nowadays crepes look more modern with a more varied filling of toppings, from chocolate, fruit, ice cream to meat.

5. Ice Cut

Ice slices are one of the school snacks that may hold a lot of sweet memories for those who lived in the 80s or 90s. The green or pink ice which is also often referred to as ice soap is usually enjoyed just like that with a stick stick. Now, today’s ice slices seem to be more varied in terms of taste and appearance so that they are worthy of competing with more modern ice creams. No longer using a stick stick but using a loaf of bread, like enjoying a sandwich.

Still curios about tempoe doeloe snack that evolved to modern snacks that maybe you haven’t try it? stay tuned on the next article!


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