Tempoe Doeloe Snacks evolved to Modern Snacks – Part 2

Some creative people have returned to bring Indonesia’s almost forgotten culinary back to the market with a fresher and more attractive appearance. Like fashion, snacks in Indonesia always change every year. This article still discuss about tempoe doeloe snacks that have evolved in to modern snacks which probably you guys already have try it.

1. Noodle sticks

Stick noodles are one of the snacks that always enliven the rows of old school snacks. However, sticky noodles are losing prestige as there are more modern snack products. But lately, stick noodles have again become popular among young people, some even sell online. Almost all stick noodles today offer different levels of spiciness and have a more attractive packaging.

2. Cendol ice

Es Cendol may never really be forgotten from the past until now. Because cendol ice still sold in simple shops that sell ice. But lately cendol ice has begun to be sold in restaurants or restaurants with a more modern appearance and presentation method. Es cendol began to show its existence after the largest online community in Indonesia distributed cendol for free during the fasting month.

3. Surabi

Surabi is indeed famous as a typical Bandung food served with warm coconut milk. This food made from a very simple flour and sticky rice dough. However, the ancient serabi was underestimated by Indonesian youth. But recently a modified Surabi has appeared with a more appetizing presentation. The size does look smaller, but if you want to buy, you are free to choose the toping that you like.

4. Es Selendang Mayang

Es Selendang Mayang is a typical Jakarta ice that used to be enjoyed only during traditional Betawi events. And of course the ice selendang mayang used to be very simple when viewed from its appearance. But now you can find ice selendang mayang in several cafes or restaurants in Jakarta with a more modern appearance and of course more appetizing.

5. Sticky rice

Enjoying old sticky rice usually as a friend to drink coffee in the morning. Having simple appearance made the sticky rice at that time forgotten and underestimated, especially by Indonesian teenagers. But now sticky rice snacks have become quite a hit, with a mixture of various kinds of interesting toppings which are certainly inspiring.

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