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Great Coffee Shop in Bandung

Great Coffee Shop in Bandung – One more hit place in Bandung, Armor Kopi Bandung. This coffee shop in Bandung is quite unique, located among the pine trees at the THR Juanda Dago gate. The outdoor concept is different from other culinary places. Here you can enjoy coffee and other food directly outside the room, […]

Spicy Korean Foods You Must Taste – Part 2

Some Korean food is synonymous with spicy taste. One of the most famous spicy foods from Korea is the Galbi jjim which has a spicy taste that kicks but can make you addicted. Here the continued article before about spicy korean foods that you must taste it. 1. Galbi jjim The Korean spicy food that […]

Spicy Korean Foods You Must Taste – Part 1

Talking about Korea is never ending. Starting from the idol group, K-drama, K-fashion, to K-beauty all have their respective fans. But when it comes to Korean cuisine, of course all people will love South Korean specialties which are known to have an appetizing appearance and delicious taste. So for those of you who are fans […]