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Grilled & Fried Gurame Lesehan Klotok

Grilled & Fried Gurame Lesehan Klotok – Finally, after a long period of failing to go home to Cepu, this 2014 Eid al-Adha moment, I was able to do qurban with my husband’s family. So, if I go home like this without a culinary tour it seems incomplete, well hehehe so I hunt for a […]

Recommendations for Bali Instagramable Cafe in 2021

Recommendations for Bali Instagramable Cafe in 2021 – Who doesn’t miss getting on a plane because of Covid 19? Who doesn’t miss Bali? Surely you really want to go to Bali and then rent a car in Bali. Now because in 2021 there are so many cafes that have sprung up in Bali, I finally […]

Culinary Tour in Kelapa Gading

Culinary Tour in Kelapa Gading – It seems like culinary rituals have become a mandatory agenda when traveling. Whether it’s traveling for business, with family or on vacation with friends, culinary tours must be included in the travel agenda. Do you agree? Well, I also always include culinary tours when traveling. Like when yesterday I […]

Ciamis Culinary Tour That Appeals To The Taste

Ciamis Culinary Tour That Appeals To The Taste – In addition to offering tours that are so beautiful, such as mega tours of Icakan, traditional Kuta villages, Curug Tujuh Cibolang, there Situ Lengkong and many other ciamis tours. Ciamis city also has a variety of special culinary delights that you can try when visiting it. Some […]

Rice Substitute Foods – Part 1

White rice is a cheap and easy starch many people choose to meal prep with, but there are healthier alternatives to white rice out there, and they could really transform your meals! We’re not saying you should never eat white rice; rather we are giving you options, to try to make a healthier choice. Some of […]

Food That Can Prevent Corona Virus Transmission

The corona virus that is increasingly spreading in Indonesia has made most people start to find out various information. Preventing the transmission of the corona virus can be done by avoiding crowds, reducing outside activities, maintaining cleanliness, regulating a healthy diet, and so on. Food is the first way that everyone can do in an […]

Healthy Foods for relieved stress during the Covid-19 Pandemic

In difficult times during the Covid-19 pandemic, stress can be relieved by a variety of beneficial activities, from exercise to consuming healthy foods. Here we review healthy foods that can relieved your stress during the Covid-19 pandemic 1. Asparagus These vegetables are high in folic acid to keep you cool or calm in stressful situations. […]