Solo Culinary Tour which is Famous and Must Be Visited

Solo Culinary Tour which is Famous and Must Be Visited РSolo is known as a quiet and peaceful city. However, the diversity of solo culinary tours is also another reason for tourists visiting Solo. Its unique and authentic taste will make anyone addicted when trying it. However, solo is not only cultural tourism, Solo culinary tourism should be taken into account in this city.

As a cultural center city, Solo culinary is influence by this culture. Starting from original culinary delights which are Keraton recipes, to culinary delights which are a combination of Javanese culinary with European culinary delights. This combination is an effect of the interaction between Solo culture and European culture in the past.

Choice of Solo Culinary Locations

This Solo culinary location offers a unique Javanese atmosphere for customers. Located not far from Kraton Kasunanan and Pura Mangkunegaran, this restaurant has a unique interior design inspired by Royal culture.

All the dishes offered at Omah Sinten; are inspire by the traditional cuisine of Pura Mangkunegaran.

Omah Sinten’s Semarang culinary delights feature golong rice as the main dish. One of them is nasi golong, a favorite menu of KGPAA Mangkunegoro I Pangeran Sambernyawa.There is even a rare Sate lilit. Traditionally, Sate Penthul is only cook for 8 years during Adang during the Dal Year.

D’living a solo culinary alternative that has a unique concept. The properties used previously were not set for the restaurant. Once in the lobby, visitors are treat to a series of photographic shots. On the ground floor it is also used as a photo studio, the second floor is for a restaurant, while on the third floor it is used for pre-wedding and bridal boutique.(Solo Culinary Tour which is Famous and Must Be Visited)

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