Selendang Mayang

Not only are they often hunted during weddings today, selendang mayang has been a popular drink since the Dutch era. Betawi cultural observer Yahya Andi Saputra explained that ice selendang mayang is a favorite drink of the Betawi people to the Dutch in the summer. Es selendang mayang is a typical Betawi drink whose contents are similar to pudding or layer cake made from palm sago flour.

The layer of selendang mayang consists of white color from coconut milk and pink or green. The hawkers used to cut the selendang mayang cake into a thin square shape and then served it in a bowl. Sweetened with brown sugar or syrup, coconut milk, and chunks of ice. This drink used to be sold by traders from midday to late afternoon. The Mayang shawl was busy being sold when Batavia entered the summer season. But during the rainy season, traders rarely sell this snack. However, from June to November or during summer, this drink is very popular in the market.

Kota Tua or Old Batavia used to be a meeting place for markets such as Pasar Penabang, Pasar Senen and others. That’s where this drink is often sold. See Photos of Jaip, the ice selendang mayang seller you can find in the Kota Tua area.

The popularity of this drink is timeless

This original Betawi drink has been enjoyed by all ethnic groups in Batavia. Everyone from the common people, ethnic Chinese to the Dutch, like to consume this dish. The striking colors, tropical nuances of the selendang mayang make people interested in eating it. When the air in Batavia at that time was very hot, this drink was often hunted by many people from any ethnic or ethnic group.

According to the story of people who have lived in the Cikini area, they told us that in the past the Dutch people who lived in Menteng liked to buy this drink when the weather was hot.
Selendang mayang at the moment The popularity of this drink has not been eaten by time. Now you can find this sweet snack in many places. Now it has reappeared for sale in Fatahilah Museum. Then also in alleys in Mampang Prapatan for example, then also in Betawi cultural villages such as Setu Babakan. In addition, selendang mayang has also been appointed as a welcome drink in several star hotels in Jakarta. Then this drink is also often seen being sold in luxury restaurants that carry a traditional style. This drink are also been available in restaurant malls, or is a must-have drink at weddings at this time.

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