Rice Substitute Foods – Part 2

Even though you are on a diet, you are still advised to consume carbohydrates. This is because carbohydrates can be a source of energy for the body. If you don’t want to eat rice, you can eat substitute carbohydrates. There are many carbohydrate foods that can be alternatives to rice. Here another list of rice substitute foods that you can consume while dieting.

1. Kuskus (couscous)

Steamed is another grain alternative that can help you lose weight. Steamed has a low carbohydrate content but is rich in protein and fiber. The calories of cuscus are slightly smaller than white rice and quinoa. However cuscus is not gluten free.

2. Cassava

Although the calories are not much different from white rice, cassava can also be a source of substitute carbohydrates. In Indonesia, cassava is processed into a variety of dishes. Good snacks, flour, or rice. Rice from cassava is known as tiwul. it is said that tiwul is the staple food of barren areas, such as Wonogiri and Gunung Kidul. Even in these areas, thiwul is still an alternative food substitute for rice when the economy is difficult.

3. Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)

Chickpeas are also commonly referred to as garbanzo beans or chickpeas. This food ingredient can be used to make Middle Eastern dishes. Reporting from Healthline, 28 grams of harbanzo beans contain 46 kcal of calories. These nuts can also be used as a source of protein, so that they can increase energy in the body. To cook them, chikpeas can be made into a soup or hummus mixture.

4. Broccoli

Just like cauliflower, broccoli can also be boiled or steamed and used as a substitute for rice. In 57 grams of boiled broccoli, the calories are only 15 kcal. While the fiber content reaches two grams. In addition, broccoli is also rich in vitamin C. The content of vitamin C in 57 grams of broccoli can meet the daily vitamin needs of 25 percent.

5. Risoni whole wheat (whole wheat orzo)

Orzo or risoni is a type of pasta that is similar in shape, size and texture to rice. Whole wheat risoni contains more fiber and protein than regular risoni. Therefore, risoni can be a great source of fiber and carbohydrates while on a diet. You can cook risoni as you would with pasta. However, make sure it is cooked at the right temperature and time so that the texture is not soggy.

We still have list of rice substitute foods that maybe can recommend for your diet later. See on the next article!

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