Restaurant of Master Chef Indonesia – Part 2

This article will still discuss about restaurant of Master Chef Indonesia that previously had restaurants from Chef Juna and Chef Arnold. This time we will look at the restaurant of Master Chef Indonesia, Chef Renatta and Chef Degan. Lets check out.

1. Fedwell – Chef Renatta Moeloek

Renatta Moeloek or familiarly called Chef Renatta is indeed being discussed a lot in the media because of his participation as one of the permanent judges for Master Chef Indonesia 2019. Behind his beautiful face, Chef Renatta appears very firm and seems tomboyish. The chef, who graduated from Le Cordo Blue Culinary School in Paris, France, is synonymous with all-black clothes or a mix of monochrome and brown.

This chef specializes in Asian and European cuisine, apart from being a chef. He is also a food menu consultant in several restaurants in Indonesia. And no less than other chefs, Chef Renatta also has a restaurant, you know.

Different from other restaurants that have a starry impression, Chef Renatta actually carries the warteg theme for his restaurant. Carrying a concept like warteg, Chef Renatta founded a restaurant which he named Fedwell. This restaurant, which is located in the Senopati Raya area, South Jakarta, carries the theme of healthy warteg. Because it provides high nutritious food, but is served quickly like a normal warteg.

Fedwell Provides hundreds of food creations that can be enjoyed. You are free to choose the healthy menu you want. Not only prioritizing healthy food that is practically served and eaten, Fedwell also offers a comfortable and contemporary ambience in its interior design. The interior of the restaurant with a capacity of 45 people is simply designed with a soft pink color that looks girly.

2. Letter D. Cuisine & Bar – Chef Degan Septoadji

Degan Septoadji Supriyadi or commonly known as Chef Degan, became known by his name since he became a judge at the MasterChef event. He was appointed as a jury in 2012 to replace Vindex Tengker. When he was a MasterChef judge, he was known as a judge who was wise in giving comments. But sometimes was also very tough like Chef Juna. Thirty years of working in the culinary world, has made Chef Degan familiar with the ins and outs of the world of cooking. So it’s no wonder that Chef Degan has some WOW eateries!

Chef Degan owns a restaurant called Letter D. Cuisine & Bar which he founded on Jl. Ahmad Dahlan No. 16, South Jakarta. This restaurant carries an international theme and was founded in 2015. About 50 menus are served in this restaurant. Chef Degan has cooked all of these menus, from starting his career as an apprentice staff in Germany to working in a prestigious hotel in Bali. The Letter D relies on taste authenticity. Each dish is made with original herbs and techniques. All the seasonings are even made by themselves in the kitchen.

Letter D serves a variety of comfort food, Mediterranean and Asian style, which is Chef Degan’s specialty. From Spaghetti, Som Tum to Bakmi Jawa available at Letter D. For drinks, besides serving various cocktails, mocktails and juices, Letter D also serves Tanamera’s coffee which has been famous for a long time.

Chef Degan chose an interior that is quite unique by accentuating the olive oil bottles that use many large glass windows. The abundance of natural light also makes this restaurant quite Instagram-friendly for food photography enthusiasts.

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