Restaurant of Master Chef Indonesia – Part 1

As a chef who has been entrusted with being a judge in a cooking competition, of course they have all felt the hard way to become a successful chef. Their success is not only shown by becoming famous chefs and being judges in the most prestigious cooking committee in Indonesia, but they have also shown their success by establishing a series of restaurants where the food menu is always a crowd favorite. Are you curious about what kind of restaurant the Master Chef Indonesia judges have? Here’s the review!

1. Correlate – Chef Juna Rorimpandey

Who doesn’t know Chef Juna? One of the Indonesian Master Chef judges is always feared because of his scathing comments. Even though he has become a celebrity chef, the chef whose real name is Junior John Rorimpandey was moved to establish a unique style restaurant in the Rajawali Tower building, Kuningan, which he named Correlate.

Correlate offers two thematic interior designs, fall and spring side by side. It is based on the chef’s imagination to present the atmosphere of autumn in France and the nuances of spring cherry blossoms in Japan. The atmosphere of the autumn season room was designed to be a little dark. And the atmosphere of the spring room is brighter with neatly arranged tables.

Chef Juna’s Correlate also carries the theme of eclectic cuisine where the food menu served has no special restrictions or regulations, in the sense that this restaurant cooks everything. What sets it apart is the variety in the type of food. However, even though it takes various dishes from various countries, Correlate guides a lot of Japanese and French cooking style.

The reason why you choose France because considered the number one cooking technique. Meanwhile, Japan is a favorite food for many people and it has received international recognition. In addition, Japanese and French are indeed the specialty of the 42-year-old chef.

Apart from being the owner, chef Juna also acts as the patron chef of this restaurant, Chef Juna directly controls all the food that comes out before serving so that the look and taste remains consistent. Visitors can also see chef Juna managing an open kitchen in an area with Japanese nuances.

2. Bebini Gelati – Chef Arnold Poernomo

Apart from Chef Juna, the Indonesian Master Chef jury, who was handsome and stole the attention, was Chef Arnold. Well apart from being a judge of Indonesian Master Chef and becoming a celebrity chef, Chef Arnold also founded a gelato shop in Surabaya called Bebini Gelati. Bebini Gelati, which he founded with his wife, is never empty of visitors! Bebini Gelati, which relies on the gelato menu, has a modern and feminine interior design, so it’s no wonder that this gelato shop is a fun place to hang out with.

About taste, of course there is no need to doubt considering the owner is a specialist dessert chef. One of the mainstay menus that you can taste is Arnold Grumpy Cookies, which have a very soft texture. Apart from gelato, Bebini Gelati also provides other heavy meals, you know!

3. Nomz Kitchen & Pastry – Chef Arnold Poernomo

Apart from Bebini Gelati, it turns out that Chef Arnold also has another restaurant called Nomz Kitchen & Pastry. Chef Arnold and his friend Setiawati Kim Pangestu founded this restaurant at Grand Indonesia Mall, Ground Floor, East Mall, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta.

Nomz Kitchen & Pastry provides a variety of modern comford food with a menu of Western, Asian to Deli or Malay dishes. Now the price offered is indeed a star-rated restaurant, guys! You have to prepare a budget of around IDR 400 thousand for two people.

This restaurant is indeed famous as a place to eat artists. Coming to Nomz Kitchen & Pastry not only can you enjoy the food available, you can also get a bonus to meet Indonesian celebrities, you know. Some of the artists who have been here include Luna Maya, Ayu Ting Ting, Ayu Dewi, Syahrini, and Edrik Candra.

Want to see another restaurant of Master Chef Indonesia? see at next article, stay tuned!


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