Recommendations for Bali Instagramable Cafe in 2021

Recommendations for Bali Instagramable Cafe in 2021 – Who doesn’t miss getting on a plane because of Covid 19? Who doesn’t miss Bali? Surely you really want to go to Bali and then rent a car in Bali. Now because in 2021 there are so many cafes that have sprung up in Bali, I finally listened to the 2021 Bali Instagramable Cafe Recommendations.

The pastry menu in Bali is now enjoyed by many foreigners. So many cafes in Bali have sprung up selling various croissants, cinnamon rolls, banana bread. However, Baked Indonesia has a different menu, namely Portuguese egg tart a la Macao. Yep, the best seller here is egg tart, which is Rp. 20,000.

For the dominant white cafe concept and wooden interior. But what I like is the open kitchen concept where we can see first hand how to make the cake.

Do you know the Westlife Uptown Girl video clip? Halah caught his old age hahaahha the video that was popular in my elementary school days. So Cosmic Dinner Bali has a 60s American-style concept with red, yellow, green and black and white square floors.

Cosmic Dinner Bali Has Lots of Really Beautiful Spots

The food is not far from western such as burgers, waffles, soup, salad and coffee. To be sure, if you go to Cosmic Dinner Bali, you have to prepare a lot of memory because the spots are so beautiful.

Pison Coffe is located in the Ubud area. This cafe has a complete touch concept, there is a thick Japanese wood, rustic and a natural impression combined with a rice field view. Usually there is live music at night. Anyway, get ready if there is no place for the weekend.

The available menus are pastries such as croissants, cinnamon rolls, pies, spaghetti or a heavy menu of rice with crispy duck. For the special drink menu, namely coffee. Besides that, the price is still safe and the portion is big.

Mimpi Grocery is located in the area of ​​Canggu, Bali. Hmmm, you would have guessed that in Canggu every cafe offers the charm of its rice fields or the sea. Yep, Mimpi Grocery is located in the middle of a rice field with a full glass building concept.

The Price is Friendly In The Bag of ​​Canggu, Bali.

The menu is not far from Western Food such as croissants, toast, burgers, and drink coffee and cocktails. The price is friendly in the bag and the portions are really big.

The concept of a cafe with a Balinese beach view is of course enjoyed a lot, such as the Sea Salt Seminyak which is located at the Alila Hotel. This cafe offers a view of Petitenget Beach which is famous for its waves.

A strategic location and is in the hotel, Sea Salt Seminyak is fairly Pricey. So just prepare a special budget if you go to Sea Salt. But you have nothing to lose because there are lots of good spots and big portions. The menus offered are western food and sea food.

Dear Lucy is an animal friendly cafe. So if you can’t interact with dogs, just skip this cafe. At certain hours the doggy will be issued, on average, these animals are friendly to visitors. Even visitors can also bring their pet dog.

Cafe That Can Interact With Dogs in bali

I like the rustic cafe theme, green and pink colors and lots of glass windows. The menu is complete, including western, Indonesian, or a keto menu. To be sure, the price is still pocket-friendly.

The recommended beach view cafe is already, the rice field view is already, now the theme of the Pekarangan is also happening in Bali, namely Shotgun Social, which is in the Sanur area. This cafe is perfect for families, while bringing small children, they can run around in its large garden. Well, her mama papa is hanging out in the bag.

The special menu is pizza and beer. Here it is specifically for beer lovers, there is even a tester to choose which beer menu options. Overall, because the place is spacious and has a capacity of up to 250 people, it is safe to hang out for a long time without fear of being evicted. (Recommendations for Bali Instagramable Cafe in 2021)

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