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List Dishes Made From Fruit and Vegetables – Part 2

For some people, eating vegetables or fruits directly without being processed will be more delicious than being processed first. Besides that, it will taste fresher, but there are also those who process it first into a dish that is refreshing and tantalizing. So this article still continued discuss about dishes made from fruit and vegetables, here is the list.

1. Pickled Pineapple

Pickled pineapple is a food complementary ingredient made from cooked fruit and of course using fresh and ripe pineapple fruit. The fruit used is not only pineapple, because there are other ingredients that are added in its manufacture. Other ingredients needed are cucumber and jicama as well as bird’s eye chilies and onions. This dish is usually served with Nasi Briyani and Nasi Kebuli or Nasi Lemak. Pickled Pineapple has a sour, sweet, spicy and fresh taste that comes from pineapple fruit and other ingredients in it.

2. Pacri Pineapple

One more dish made from pineapple, namely pineapple pacri. Pacri pineapple is a typical food from the Malay area. This one processed fruit is made from several pieces of fresh pineapple then given a spice made from shallots, garlic, bay leaves and lemongrass mixed with coconut milk. In general, this pineapple pacri dish is served with warm rice or kebuli rice or nasi lemak.

3. Spinach Chips

Tired of potato chips, you can try spinach leaf chips. Yup, spinach leaves can be processed into delicious chips and healthy snacks. But for good results, choose spinach with wide and large leaves. Prepare a flour dough consisting of corn starch, rice flour, eggs, and water, stirring until the texture is quite liquid. You can also add various spices to this flour dough, such as pepper, pepper, garlic, and candlenut so that your spinach chips have a more delicious taste. After that, put the washed and dried spinach leaves in it. Fry in hot oil and serve with your favorite sauce.

4. Carrot Cake

Maybe you are already familiar with this one cake. Yup, this carrot cake, which was once hits, does have a sweet and soft taste. Unlike the other cakes, this Carrot Cake is considered healthier because it is low in calories. Those who have tasted it will agree that it’s not inferior to Red Velvet. In its manufacture, carrots do not need to be mashed but only grated so that the water contained in the carrots does not disappear, but turns into a naturally sweet taste and moist texture. In addition, the distinctive texture of the carrots will spread throughout the cake. Carrot Cake is usually decorated with a variety of toppings, but the most commonly used ones are buttercream, cream cheese and sprinkled with peanuts on top.

5. Fruit Popsicles

Nothing is more refreshing and cool than ice. But if you eat mostly ice, starting from ice cream, juice, mixed ice, etc., it won’t make you sick, it will make you sick, especially if the ice sold in the market contains a lot of sugar and milk. So if you want to eat ice without fear of high sugar levels, you can try fruit popsicles. Besides being fresh, the fruits contained therein are also refreshing. You can make this ice yourself at home, the recipes are scattered on the internet.

List Dishes Made From Fruit and Vegetables – Part 1

Fruits and vegetables are food ingredients that should not be missed every day. Because vegetables and fruits contain lots of vitamins that our bodies need to carry out daily activities. Besides giving other flavors to fruits and vegetables, cook like this way they will not get bored with the same taste of fruits and vegetables. So here is a list of dishes made from fruit and vegetables, which are refreshing and of course make you tempted to taste them, even those of you who are vegetarian are free to eat them.

1. Young Coconut Fish Soup

Young coconut water is indeed famous for its refreshing taste, even without ice, its distinctive taste is indeed able to refresh a dry throat. So what if young coconut is used as the main ingredient for fish soup? Surely it is delicious and refreshing, Young Coconut Fish Soup is a famous menu made from young coconut. This one dish has a fresh and sweet taste that comes from coconut water that blends nicely with fish soup. The fish’s fishy taste and aroma can no longer be smelled when the soup is served in young coconut shells, which are still complete with the pulp.

2. Fruit Pizza

Pizza is free to be topped as desired, right? Bored with the meat and cheese topping on your pizza, you can replace it with your favorite fruit topping. What is clear is that the taste will be very different from the usual pizza. Pizza topped with fruit will certainly be sweeter and fresher even at the first bite.

3. Tempoyak

Indonesia is indeed rich in typical culinary delights that are super delicious and of course unique. Like the following foods made from fermented durian fruit. This food that is famous in the Bengkulu, Palembang and Jambi areas is very suitable to be served with warm white rice or it can be a mixture of chili sauce and pepes.

4. Soursop Sauteed

Some kinds of fruit can indeed be used as vegetables, besides jackfruit and papaya. It turns out that soursop fruit can also be sautéed as vegetables. Soursop fruit that is still thick can be used as an ingredient for making vegetables by some Sundanese people. This vegetable has a sweet and fresh taste that is typical of soursop fruit, making the texture more like a young jackfruit.

5. Rujak Kuah Pindang

Those from Bali, of course, are already familiar with this one dish. Yup, because Rujak Kuah Pindang is a very famous Balinese food besides be tutu. This Rujak Kuah Pindang has a really distinctive taste, fresh, sour, sweet, spicy and has a distinctive taste of pindang fish. This rujak kuah pindang dish is made from various kinds of fresh fruit preparations such as kedondong, jicama, papaya, pineapple and mango. And is added with spices such as sugar, salt, chili, and shrimp paste. Well, when Balinese people eat Rujak Kuah Pindang, it is usually added with ice cubes so that it feels fresh and cold. Mothers who are craving usually ask something like this.

6. Dragon Fruit Red Rice

Dragon fruit is delicious and fresh when used as a mixture of fruit ice or made into juice. But it turns out that dark red dragon fruit is also suitable for mixing with rice. Puree dragon fruit is used as a mixture for roasting rice. Be red dragon fruit rice which tastes unique and fresh from dragon fruit.

Still curious about dishes which made from fruit and vegetables, you can see the list on the next article, stay tuned!

Trends Foods and Drinks 2021 – Part 2

We still continued to discuss about trends foods and drinks in 2021. Now there are many rows of foods and drinks that are becoming a trends in 2021 and are selling well in the market even though the pandemic has not yet ended. As we can see a lot of snacks that are viral among netizens nowdays, see the article below.

1. Jumbo Squid Meatballs

Not only lobster meatballs, jumbo squid meatballs are also one of the contemporary foods that you must try. As the name suggests, this meatball has a large size and is inserted into the squid which also has a large size. Not only that, this meatball dish is also often equipped with super spicy sauce and sauce that will make you sweat when you eat it. Because it is viral, you can also find these meatballs in several meatball stalls throughout Indonesia.

2. Cheese ball

For you cheese lovers, then don’t miss to be able to feel the delicious cheese ball which is one of the current foods in 2021 which is currently being loved by many people. As the name suggests, these are cheese balls that have a crunchy texture on the outside and melt on the inside. The cheese used is usually mozzarella cheese, which when fried will melt.

3. Baked milk

Baked milk, aka baked milk, is a contemporary snack that has recently gone viral among netizens. As the name suggests, this milk snack is processed by baking it. With mixed ingredients such as eggs, cornstarch and sugar, this baked milk has a delicious taste. The texture is very soft but a little crunchy on the outside because it is baked in the oven. Even this one snack is one of the current snacks in 2021 which is much favored by sweet snack lovers.

4. Marshmallow nougat

Nougat is a snack that is usually made from a mixture of nuts, sugar, eggs and usually added with honey. However, the current 2021 nougat that is currently popular with sweet foodies is the marshmallow nougat. Different from common nougats, this one nougat is made from marshmallows cooked with butter, powdered milk and a filling in the form of almonds and cranberries or other dried fruit. It tastes sweet and delicious. This snack trend is even very popular overseas.

5. Dessert box

Sweet food lovers, of course, are familiar with the dessert box, which is a modern sweet snack for 2021. As the name suggests, a dessert box is a type of super soft cake that is in a transparent food box. Unlike the usual desserts that are served on a plate, a dessert box can be eaten right from its place. The desserts that are arranged in a clear box usually consist of several layers such as sponge cake, soft cream, and various other toppings. How to eat this dessert box is also very practical so you can take it anywhere. Because you just need to spoon it and enjoy it.

Trends Foods and Drinks 2021 – Part 1

In 2020, we all could not hunt for food freely because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from appeals to stay home, culinary business people also face difficulties in marketing their food products. But it seems that in 2021, all of these conditions are slowly recovering. Although the types of boba drinks and sweet snacks still dominate, there are a number of contemporary food and beverage trends that you might just be on your tongue. Now for food lovers, here is a list of trends foods and drinks in 2021 that you must try. So let’s check it out guys!

1. Various foods with cashew sauce

Various foods with mentai sauce is one of the current food trends in 2021 which has recently been very popular among millennials. The mentai sauce itself is a sauce made from a mixture of fish eggs given mayonnaise and chili sauce. This mentai sauce will later be used as a topping for various foods such as rice bowls, chicken, fish and others. This culinary inspired by Japanese food has a quite creamy texture, but there is a distinctive taste that comes from none other than cod roe, aka mentaiko.

2. The present fry

Fried food is a snack for a million people, which is a favorite of the Indonesian people. In 2021, there are many fried sellers selling fried foods with a more attractive appearance. Not only fried, but now many fried foods are made with various fillings and toppings. Like the filling of risoles, which is usually rogut, now made with mozzarella cheese. There are also bakwan with various toppings to know the contents that are made crispy.

3. Sambal packaging

Sambal has never left the tongue of Indonesians. Whatever the food is, chili sauce will make us eat more heartily. Even though it’s not something new, in 2021, packaged chili sauce will still be one of the best-selling culinary products on the market. Some of the packaged chili sauce products that have recently become hits are the onion chili sauce and the baby squid chili sauce which does have a delicious taste with a spicy kicking sensation.

4. Rice bowl

The next food in 2021 is rice bowl. This one food has indeed been popular from the previous year, but this year, rice bowl seems to be still one of the most popular types of food today because of its practicality. The rice bowl itself is rice with a variety of side dishes that excite your appetite like mixed rice placed in a bowl.

This food is also marketed through delivery services so that we can choose the rice bowl with the side dish we want. Apart from being delicious and practical, rice bowls also have an aesthetic appearance for Instagram photos. Suitable for those of you who like to post food photos on your Instagram feed.

5. Lobster meatballs

For culinary lovers, especially those who are fond of meatballs, of course they are familiar with lobster meatballs. Lobster meatball is a meatball that was viral some time ago. This food combines the chewy and savory beef meatball dough with a whole lobster as the filling. Starting from a lobster meatball seller, now there are many meatball sellers selling lobster meatballs as their special menu. No wonder this lobster meatball is one of the contemporary foods in 2021 that you must try.

Still have more trends about foods and drinks in 2021 on the next article, stay tuned!

Most Dishes for Delivery in Southeast Asia

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit, food delivery services have become a solution for people to buy their favorite foods. There are some foods that are most often ordered in messaging services among the world community in 2020. Sushi, kebabs, chinese food, pizza, Korean food, and tacos are the most popular dishes often ordered for delivery services. Here are the dishes that are most often ordered in delivery services in Southeast Asia :

1. Fried chicken

Fried chicken is a food that is almost found in every country. In 2020 fried chicken is number five in the top 10 most ordered foods on delivery services around the world. Areas in Southeast Asia that most often order this dish are Bali, Indonesia. There are still Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia who also like to order fried chicken dishes.

2. Sushi

This authentic Japanese food with a variety of seafood toppings also often ordered in all countries around the world, including countries in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is a country in Asia that likes to order sushi the most. Sushi ranks as the third most popular take-away food.

3. Burrito

This dish is the most common food for delivery in Thailand. This Mexican dish ranks in the top 15 as a dish that often ordered between worldwide.

4. Pizza

Pizza ranked as the number one food for delivery in the world in 2020, especially for countries such as France to Barbados and Italy. While in Southeast Asia, this dish very often ordered in Indonesia.

5. Malaysian cuisine

This food also in the top 10 as a dish that often ordered between in the world. Malaysian cuisine. such as roti canai, nasi lemak, char kway teow often ordered in the neighboring country itself.

6. Thai Cuisine

This also in the top 10 most ordered dishes on delivery services around the world. Thai food is popular in several countries, especially Singapore.

7. Chinese cuisine

Oriental-style cuisine is very popular in the Philippines. A survey from MoneyBeach says the country ranks Chinese food as the most frequently ordered delivery. Chinese food also favored by 29 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Other countries that enjoy taking this dish home are China, Hungary, Colombia and Australia. Chinese food ranks second as food that is often ordered between in the world.


baca juga : history potato chips lays

History Potato Chips Lays

Lays is one of the snacks that will stop being produced in August 2021 in Indonesia. The potato chips in this package are quite popular and are favored by many Indonesians. Not only in Indonesia, but also in many other countries. Despite the popularity of its taste and crunchy texture, reported by Insider, it turns out that Lays was once sold in the back seat of a car by a salesman. Let see the history of the potato chips lays.

It was marketed around by car

In the early 1930s, Herman W. Lay first sold his potato chips by car in Nasville, Tennessee. At that time, Herman W. Lay was still working as a traveling salesman. In 1932, after acquiring a potato chip company. Lay managed to sell potato chips for the first time.

Lay’s and Frito agreed to be partners

During the same time, C.E Doolin bought a classic corn chip recipe and experimented with the recipe in his mother’s kitchen until he created Frito. Three decades later, Lays and Frito agreed to become partners in 1961. From this agreement the Frito-Lay brand was formed. The brand also produces other snacks such as Cheetos, Doritos, and Fritos. Four years later, the company merged with Pepsi-Cola and created PepsiCo.

Harvest potatoes from local farmers

The development of the Frito-Lay company which made the demand for potatoes increased. The potatoes produced are harvested from Black Gold Farms, which has been a major potato producing region since 1928. From there, four to five potatoes are processed and processed into potato chips in each Lays bag.

There are already more than 200 flavors of Lays chips

As of today, there are already 200 flavors of Lays chips that you can enjoy. From common flavors like salty and sweet to unusual flavors like cappuccino, vegetable soup and Beer ‘n Brats.


baca juga : the most extreme mukbang

The Most Extreme Mukbang – Part 2

Mukbang has indeed become one of the most interesting content in the world of social media. Until now, there have been many content creators who present mukbang events on their YouTube channel and make mukbang one of their livelihoods through YouTube. Mukbang itself is an eating broadcast, where the content creator or host / food vlogger in question will enjoy a large quantity of food while interacting with the audience. Or there is also an ASMR-based mukbang where the audience will be presented with a meal with super good sound quality, so you will definitely be tempted when you hear the sound that appears when the mukbang host is eating and enjoying the food. Will your appetite also increase after watching this extreme mukbang? Lets see the continued about the most extreme mukbang in article below.

1. Sea star mukbang

Who can eat starfish? This sea creature does look beautiful and adorable, so no one in this world has the heart to kill it. But guys, recently a mukbang video has been circulating showing the mukbang hosts eating starfish with joy, guys! So it’s not surprising that this mukbang with the starfish menu is one of the extreme mukbang that is currently on the rise.

2. Live crab mukbang

The next extreme mukbang is eating crab alive guys! The boiled crab is still delicious, but it’s eaten alive, guys! Like the mukbang video above which shows a female mukbang host showing off a bowl full of live crabs that are still moving swiftly. This female host does not hesitate to chew live crabs without fear of being pinched by the crabs.

3. Mukbang Honeycomb

Masu may still be delicious to eat, guys, but if you eat it straight from a beehive, it might sound extreme. However, mukbang with beehive menu is currently popular. Many mukbang hosts serve mukbang video content with the main menu being Honeycomb, aka honeycomb. In fact, not infrequently eaten bee nests are still filled with bee eggs, guys!

The Most Extreme Mukbang – Part 1

Many people are attracted to watching mukbang broadcasts because it can increase one’s appetite. The reason is, as we know, most of the food menus served by the mukbang hosts are delicious and appetizing, especially by eating which makes anyone who sees them swallow their saliva and want to immediately eat the food they see on the mukbang broadcast. But unfortunately not all content creators or mukbang hosts serve food that is always delicious. Sometimes they also show food that is very extreme, ridiculous and even disgusting as their mukbang content. Let me not be curious, here are some of the most extreme mukbang that are currently trending. Check it out guys!

1. Live octopus mukbang

Those who often watch mukbang broadcasts on YouTube may not be unfamiliar with the Korean special food menu, Sannakji. Sannakji are octopus tentacles served raw, and we can still see the movements of the tentacles as if they were alive when the mukbang hosts ate them. But sannakji is too ordinary to watch, guys. What’s even more extreme is eating a whole octopus that is still alive and breathing straight away in a raw state like one of the mukbang hosts did, guys!

This female mukbang host stole the attention of netizens by eating live octopus. He greedily chewed on the octopus’s still active body. Not only one live octopus, but several live octopuses squirm in front of it and become its food. While eating it, he put the head of the octopus into his mouth and chewed it. The legs of the octopus wriggled against this woman’s face, even sticking past her eyes to her forehead. The tentacles on the octopus legs were even firmly attached to her lips and cheeks.

2. Mukbang Snake

After the octopus is alive, the next extreme mukbang that many mukbang hosts serve is the snake menu. Even though it has been cooked and the head has been removed, the shape of the snake is still intact, long and coiled and the skin of the snake is still intact with scales and shiny. Many netizens were disgusted by seeing the mukbang program from BINH ASMR, which showed a male host eating a snake voraciously in front of the camera.

3. Mukbang boiled frogs

Have you ever thought about eating frogs for dinner? Never mind eating it, just looking at the frog is scared and amused. Now the next extreme Mukbang is eating boiled frogs, guys. In LINH-ASMR’s video, he shows how delicious this female mukbang host eats 2 boiled frogs that still look slimy. The pattern on the frog’s skin is still visible so it looks very ridiculous. Many netizens praised the courage of this one girl who ate frog meat like eating chicken.

Still curious about the most extreme mukbang? stay tuned on the next article!

Old Tempo Foods That Are Difficult to Find Nowadays

Indonesia is a country that has a lot of cultural heritage. One of them is a variety of traditional foods in several regions of Indonesia. Each region certainly has its own traditional food. When we were little, of course we often eat the food you like with a characteristic taste of it. But not always the food that you like is there, not only animals are getting scarce, food can also be rare. Like the following old tempo foods that are difficult to find nowdays :

1. Gulo Puan

Puan sugar is a typical food from Palembang, has a sweet taste because it is made from buffalo milk and sugar. In ancient times, Gulo Puan was only served for kings. In modern times, this food is very difficult to find, the main thing that causes this food to start to disappear is buffalo milk which is the main ingredient. The difficulty of getting buffalo milk makes this one food very rare.

2. Bassang

Bassang is a typical food from Sulawesi. This food is made from corn and coconut milk served in the form of porridge. This food is already rare, but recently it has started to be revived with the presence of Bassang in the form of fast food.

3. Grontol

Grondol is a typical Central Javanese food, this food is made from boiled corn mixed with sugar then sprinkled with grated coconut. This food has a savory and delicious taste. But lately this food is rarely found because people are more interested in modern food.

4. Wedang Tahu

Wedang Tahu is one of the culinary delights in the form of a typical drink from Semarang. This drink is made from soybean juice that is boiled for 4 hours until it becomes tofu porridge. This drink is served with a mixture of ginger so that it makes your body warm after drinking it. However, this drink is rarely found.

5. Bendu

Bendu is a traditional Balinese snack, which is usually found at weddings. The main ingredient of this cake is glutinous rice flour mixed with grated coconut, sugar and other ingredients.

6. Rangi Cake

Rangi cake comes from Betawi which is made from starch mixed with coarse grated coconut which is then baked. Usually this cake is served with brown sugar kinca.

7. Cenil

This snack is still a friend of the klepon, it’s chewy because it’s made from starch or sago palm. In terms of color, this snack has a bright color and the way it is served is usually sprinkled with granulated sugar or grated coconut.

8. Cake Cucur

Bowsprit cake is a typical Betawi food, this snack is made from rice flour as the basic ingredient. The brown color in this cake is the result of a mixture of brown sugar.

9. Jewawut

Jewawut is a kind of grain, usually processed into pulp. But actually millet is a staple food for birds.

10. Cotton candy

When you were a child, of course, you often encounter this food, even this food is one of the favorites of young children. This cotton candy is made from sugar which is heated until thickened and then shaped according to the buyer’s request.

11. Awug-awug

Awug is a food made from rice flour, coconut, pandan leaves and brown sugar. Awug is almost the same as Putu cake because the ingredients are almost the same, but what distinguishes it is the way of steaming which uses a kind of basket of rice made of rattan that forms a cone.

12. Jenang Krasikan

This jenang krasikan or ladu cake is a favorite snack for typical Central Javanese souvenirs. This food makes the connoisseur feel a different sensation like gritty when chewed. The ingredients themselves are glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk, brown sugar and grated coconut.

13. Mongso honey

Even though the name uses the word “honey”, this food actually has nothing to do with honey at all. This food is made from black sticky rice and has a sour and sweet taste like tapai, because there is a fermentation process from black sticky rice.

14. Jaha

Jaha or sticky bamboo is a typical food from Central Sulawesi and North Sulawesi. The way to make this food is by soaking the glutinous rice which has been seasoned with ginger and spices. This food can usually only be found during holidays and traditional ceremonies in North and Central Sulawesi.

15. Putu cake

Kue putu is a traditional cake that contains Javanese sugar in the middle and then sprinkled with grated coconut. The ingredients of this cake are brown sugar, grated coconut and coarse grained rice flour. This cake has a characteristic sound from the seller. The sound came from the steam coming from the whistling tool of the Putu cake trader.


baca juga : Food That Can Prevent Corona Virus Transmission

Food That Can Prevent Corona Virus Transmission

The corona virus that is increasingly spreading in Indonesia has made most people start to find out various information. Preventing the transmission of the corona virus can be done by avoiding crowds, reducing outside activities, maintaining cleanliness, regulating a healthy diet, and so on. Food is the first way that everyone can do in an effort to increase immunity and prevent transmission of the corona virus.

The following has summarized about food that can prevent the transmission of the corona virus.

Fatty Fish

It is common knowledge that fish fat is more nutritious, healthy and safe, than fat from other animals. Nutrition in fish is very good for the body in fighting disease.

In addition, omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 fatty acids can help reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome, fight inflammation, and be autoimmune.

Several types of fatty fish that you can try to consume as an effort to prevent the corona virus, such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring, and tuna.


Food can prevent further transmission of the corona virus, including spinach. Spinach contains vitamins that are packed with antioxidants and beta carotene which help the body fight infections of the immune system against bad viruses.

More fully, the vitamins contained in spinach, namely vitamins A, C, B complex, E, and K. Then the main minerals that are good for the body, such as magnesium, folic acid, iron, calcium, sodium, and potassium.

In addition, spinach also contains high fiber and antioxidants, as well as low calories and fat. Regularly eating spinach will help you and your family improve your immune system to prevent transmission of the corona virus.


Food can prevent transmission of the corona virus then comes from the type of spice, namely ginger. The natural content of ginger has long been believed to help reduce inflammation in the body. It can even relieve chronic pain and lower cholesterol.

Especially since Chairul Anwar Nidom, a researcher from Airlangga University (Unair) Surabaya who managed to find a powerful antidote to the corona virus or COVID-19.

The content of curcumin from ginger can also be found in ginger and turmeric. Which believed to be able to ward off the corona virus.

Then ginger which also contains beta-carotene and capsaicin compounds, plays a role in increasing the immune system or immune system.


Food can prevent transmission of the corona virus, which you can find in the kitchen besides ginger, is garlic. Apart from helping maintain the immune and immune systems, garlic is also good at lowering blood pressure to slow hardening of the arteries.

The aliicin compound, which makes garlic’s peculiar smell, is actually beneficial against colds and other infections.

Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can strengthen the body’s immunity. In addition, garlic also contains high levels of antioxidants, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium.

These various compounds can help strengthen the respiratory system and also increase the number of white blood cells in the body. Try to eat small raw garlic before bed as a preventative and effect that works while you sleep.


Food can prevent further transmission of the corona virus from vegetables, namely broccoli. Rich content of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as minerals and antioxidants that can fight disease sources.

Antioxidants from broccoli are able to help prevent oxidation and free radicals in cells and organs, so that the body remains strong.

Oxidative stress is a condition when the number of free radicals in the body exceeds capacity. As a result, the body’s cells undergo higher oxidation and cause damage.

Citrus Fruit

Foods that can prevent transmission of the corona virus, which you can try with your next family, are citrus fruits. As a type of fruit that is high in vitamin C. Citrus fruits can help the immune system and increase the production of white blood cells which fight germs.

Some are included the type of citrus fruit, such as lemons, grapes, limes, mandarins, grapefruit, and limes. Start consuming various types of citrus fruit intermittently and periodically so you don’t get bored with the same taste.

Those are some foods that can prevent the transmission of the corona virus that you can start eating with your family, as an effort to prevent and maintain health. Eating a balanced nutritious diet can increase endurance. Hopefully always healthy and in the protection of God. Good luck.