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The best Mexican Restaurants in Jakarta – Part 1

Want to know the best Mexican restaurants in Jakarta with flavors that will make you crave? Check out the reviews below.

Mexican food does not have a rich, spicy taste like Indonesian food. Even so, the different taste of this food always successfully shakes the tongue of the audience, even this food will make you addicted.

The popularity of Mexican food among the public has led to the mushrooming of Mexican restaurants in big cities, one of which is Jakarta. For those of you who like Mexican food, you can visit some of the best Mexican restaurants in Jakarta, here is a list of the restaurants.

1. Amigos Bar and Cantina

This Mexican restaurant is located in Kuningan, where this restaurant has been established since 1979. The place that has been around for 42 years is thick with Mexican nuances that can be seen from the interior of the building inside. You will find wooden wheel ornaments, cacti and traditional Mexican clothes that add to the Mexican atmosphere.

The menu is quite diverse and has a large portion. Here there is a menu of Nachos and Fajitas which are typical of Mexican dishes. There are also tacos that offer two kinds, namely with a tortilla or corn-based flour base.

Apart from food, there is also a drink menu ranging from coffee to mocktails that are worth a try.

Each restaurant has its own way of attracting visitors’ attention, as well as this one restaurant. This restaurant regularly holds parties ranging from salsa dancing to Halloween celebrations.

2. Bottlenose Shack

For those of you who want to hang out while tasting Mexican food, just come to the Bottlenose Shack. This restaurant is located in Tanjung Duren, Jakarta and offers outdoor and indoor dining places that you can choose from.

One of the interesting things about this place is that there is a large artificial tree that is very similar to a real tree. You can feel a comfortable impression when you enter this restaurant. Coupled with mural decorations that adorn the walls, make us move to capture the moment.

Get ready if you are confused to taste the menu because there are about 40 foods and drinks available here.

3. Casa Mexico

Even though the place is not too big, you must visit this restaurant to enjoy the delicious Mexican food. When visiting one of the things that is interesting to see is the bar area. The bar is not big but enough to relax and interact while tasting a few drinks.

As the name suggests this restaurant offers authentic Mexican food from appetizers to desserts. Do not forget also with typical Mexican drinks, namely margaritas and other drinks.

You really have to put this restaurant on your visit list, you know!

4. CHILECO Mexican Grill

For those of you who are in the SCBD area and want to taste Mexican food, just try coming to CHILECO Mexican Grill. This restaurant is not too big but it is very comfortable to visit.

This restaurant offers several authentic and delicious menus such as their superior dishes namely Naked Burritos, Tacos, Nachos and others. In addition, there are also Grilled Chicken Tacos and Grilled Chicken Burritos menus that can make you addicted.

When viewed from the price, it is a little bit expensive, but it is equivalent to the taste provided by this restaurant.

We still have more list about mexican restaurants in Jakarta in next article, stay tuned!


Current Foods That Are Harmful To The Health – Part 3

Let alone trying food from abroad, food from their respective regions, maybe you haven’t tried all. Moreover, the times have advanced, culinary has also experienced a lot of progress. Not only that, there are also many new foods that have sprung up with new innovations and flavors. But behind the delicious taste from current foods that makes our tongue addicted there is an unhappiness that we get which are harmful to the health. Like the previous article a current foods that are harmful to the health like thai tea or cheese tea, we have another list in article below.

1. Salted Egg Chicken

Lately, the culinary world is being enlivened by contemporary foods with salted egg nuances. In Indonesia, actually know salted egg as salted egg. Salted eggs are commonly used as a food ingredient, both as a side dish and as a cooking mixture. But now salted eggs are processed into food sauce that melts in the mouth. Starting from rice, chips, pastries, to fried chicken, now many are served with salted egg sauce.

Behind the pleasure, it turns out that egg yolks are bad for health, you know. One salted egg yolk contains about 187 mg of cholesterol. This amount exceeds half of the recommended daily cholesterol consumption limit, which is 300 mg. So can you imagine if you consume Salted Egg Chicken? Cholesterol contained by salted egg yolk alone is 187 mg not to mention chicken meat, cooking oil, or chicken skin that is still attached to the meat. In total, the amount of cholesterol contained in one serving of salted egg chicken may reach 200-300 mg. This does not only apply to chicken, guys, other foods that contain cholesterol when mixed with salted eggs. Will also increase cholesterol levels which are harmful to the body if consumed frequently.

2. Contemporary food with a high level of spiciness

Of the many contemporary dishes, of course, contemporary food that has a high level of spiciness always steals the attention of spicy culinary lovers. Call it like seblak, devil noodles, chicken geprek to samyang and many more.

Although they can provide a unique and delicious taste, health experts say that these contemporary snacks can have a negative impact on the health of the body if consumed in excess. However, for those who have health problems such as ulcers, hypertension, or even diabetes, these foods may not be good for consumption in the long term. For example, often consuming spicy snacks with a level will trigger ulcers and stomach ulcers.

Another health expert named Leona Victoria also mentioned the side effects of the many contemporary snacks that have a spicy, sweet, salty, or even oily taste. Not only can it trigger stomach disorders, these snacks can have spices that are rich in calories and sodium so that they will cause health problems such as hypertension, obesity, or water retention.

3. Cheese Tea

After Thai Tea, there is another Cheese Tea that is no less delicious and refreshing than Thai Tea. Cheese Tea is a drink from Taiwan that is being hit on social media. Because of the popularity of many Cheese Tea outlets that we can easily find in public places other than malls, such as stations. For those of you who have fallen in love with this one tea drink. You should not drink it often because it is very high in calories.

Cheese Tea is milk tea added with cheese that is made like whipped cream. The taste is a mix between tea and cream cheese. According to the Head of Health Committee Nutri food, is there a lot of sugar in milk tea, let alone add cheese? Can you imagine how many calories this drink contains? excess sugar that is not burned with exercise can increase the risk of degenerative diseases such as diabetes and stroke.

Current Foods That Are Harmful To The Health – Part 2

Because in addition to new tastes, contemporary food also has a delicious taste and also a very attractive appearance. So it stole the attention of many people just to taste it. Call like Milo’s ice cream, which is the current ice. There are also banana nuggets which are a favorite and there are many new culinary delights that have enlivened the food market in Indonesia lately. But all that current foods are harmful to the health of body. We have another list as below.

1. Thai Tea

Lately, Thai Tea outlets have mushroomed in various cities in Indonesia. Its delicious and refreshing taste makes it popular, especially among young people. Thai Tea itself is a Thai drink made from a mixture of black tea, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, creamer, ice and other ingredients. It tastes like you have ever tasted, which is sweet and refreshing. But unfortunately this refreshing Thai Tea actually contains a lot of calories so that if we consume it frequently. The risk of experiencing weight gain also increases. Because in a large glass of Thai Tea contains approximately 410 calories.

In addition, frequent consumption of these sugary drinks can also trigger other health hazards. Such as chronic kidney failure and diabetes. This is because Thai tea cannot be counted as fluid intake. While a body that lacks a minimum water intake of 1.2 liters per day and for a long time, can trigger chronic kidney failure and diabetes. So don’t replace the need for 1.2 liters of water in the body by consuming sweet drinks like Thai Tea.

2. Fried cabbage

Who likes to eat fried cabbage? This one food is served by many food stalls and is usually used as a companion to the main side dish. Fried cabbage has become a popular food lately because of its delicious taste. Combining healthy vegetables such as cabbage and frying techniques with hot oil does indeed produce delicious food but also endangers the health of the body, you know!

This is because the use of high temperatures when frying cabbage can damage its healthy ingredients. As a result, cabbage, which used to be an antidote to cancer when eaten fresh. Has turned into cancer-causing as a result of being fried at high temperatures and oil which is sometimes not suitable for use anymore. In addition, the saturated fat content in cooking oil can also cause health problems, such as obesity and heart attacks. Saturated fat will enter the cabbage, destroying the nutritional content in the cabbage and turning it into food that is not healthy for the body.

3. Cheese Tart

Cheese Tart is currently one of the most popular snacks in Indonesia. This food combines various delicious food ingredients such as cheese, eggs, and milk which are processed into a super delicious food. However, because it has a very high sugar and fat content, you are not recommended to eat this snack too often. Because each serving of cheese tart contains about 225 calories and 15.6 grams of fat. It is quite high if you compare it to egg tart which has an average of 10 grams of fat. In addition, even though the manufacturing process uses cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, and low-fat milk, they will not make these foods healthier. For that, don’t overdo it when you eat Cheese Tart, guys!

Current Foods That Are Harmful To The Health – Part 1

Talking about food, of course there will be no end, because in this world there are so many types of food and of course we haven’t tried all of them. And as we know, these new foods are nowadays culinary delights that are being loved by the public, especially young people. But guys, this contemporary food that has a delicious taste and attractive appearance is not all fun to eat, you know. Because of the many current foods available, not a few are harmful to the health of the body. What are the current foods that are harmful to the health of the body? Check this out guys!

1. Ice Kepal

Ice Kepal, which was booming some time ago, is one of the contemporary culinary delights that are harmful to health. This sweet-tasting ice cream is loved by the public, especially children. This ice cream stand can also be easily found in various corners of the city because of its popularity. But even though it tastes good, sweet and refreshing, unfortunately this culinary one is not healthy for the body. body. The reason is that the ice cream contains a lot of excess sugar and calories. Consuming excess sugar, salt and fat can lead to degenerative diseases such as obesity and diabetes. For that, for those of you who want to taste this one ice, it’s a good idea to eat one portion of ice together and don’t consume it too often.

2. Banana Nugget

Who doesn’t know Banana Nugget? This banana snack, which is being loved by many people, cannot be denied its deliciousness. Banana nuggets are bananas that are crushed and mixed with flour and other ingredients then formed into nuggets then wrapped in breadcrumbs and fried. What makes this food contemporary is its various toppings. Starting from ordinary chocolate, green tea, marshmellow and many more. But unfortunately, the processing of fried banana nuggets is at risk of going bad because it can remove nutrients and increase levels of trans fats. This can increase the risk of high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Not only banana nuggets, but various kinds of processed fried bananas are also a bad risk to health.

3. Foods with Liquid Nitrogen

Lately, culinary with liquid nitrogen content has become popular among the public. Food with liquid nitrogen looks unique and instagenic because it emits smoke. These chemicals are able to process various foods into cold instantly. Most of the foods that are processed with liquid nitrogen are ice cream. But there are also snacks.

When you eat it, you will emit smoke from the mouth which is called dragon’s breath. Many people sell this kind of food. Whether it’s in malls, food courts, kiosks, food exhibitions, even restaurants. At first glance eating these foods may seem fun. Especially on social media, a number of people share their moments when they eat smoky food. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Food and Drug Administration in the United States has issued a warning regarding the dangers of consuming these foods.

Because the substances contained in liquid nitrogen are very dangerous. Liquid nitrogen can be life-threatening and can cause injury. Apart from that, inhaling the vapors released from smoky foods can cause a person to have difficulty breathing, especially for those who suffer from asthma. Although it is non-toxic, liquid nitrogen can cause severe damage to skin and internal organs if mishandled or accidentally ingested as extremely low temperatures can last a very long time.

We still have more list for current foods that are harmful to the health of body on the next article, stay tuned!

Korean Snacks That Are Delicious – Part 3

How are the Korean snacks previously appetizing right? Some of the snacks above are also widely available in Indonesia, both sold directly at several restaurants and instantaneously. Although there are still some snacks that are still not available. Here the list for other korean snacks that are very delicious and want you to make it or try it.

1. Gilgeori Toast (Korean Egg Toast)

Gilgeori Toast or Korean Egg Toast is a Korean snack that can be consumed for breakfast. This snack is in the form of a sandwich which contains an omelette, vegetables, smoked beef slices, sprinkles of sugar, spread of mayonnaise and tomato sauce.

This one snack certainly has a sweet, savory taste and is of course very delicious. The portion itself is quite enough to fill a growling stomach. You usually get this Gilgeori Toast at street vendors to bakery shops.

2. Hweori Gamja (Tornado Potato)

This one snack can not only be found in South Korea, now this snack is widely sold in Indonesia where this snack is called Hweori Gamja or potato tornado. Hweori Gamja is formed with a special tool, after being cut and forming a spiral, then the potatoes are skewered and then fried in hot oil. This food can be enjoyed with various seasonings and sauces.

In South Korea, these snacks are often found in street food areas such as Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and others.

3. Jokbal (Pork Trotters)

This one food also often appears in Korean dramas or South Korean variety shows, where this food is called Jokbal. Jokbal is a Korean food consisting of pork trotters.

Usually this food is boiled using various spices such as soy sauce, ginger, garlic, leeks, cinnamon and rice wine.

4. Korean Grilled Cheese Lobster

Seafood lovers must once taste this Korean food, namely the Korean Grilled Cheese Lobster. This food is in the form of fresh lobster that is baked in butter first. After that, sprinkle it with delicious mozzarella cheese, when it is browned the lobster is ready to be enjoyed.

When you start eating it, you can feel how delicious the soft lobster meat is combined with the mozzarella cheese that will melt in your mouth, yummyyy ……

For the price itself, it is quite expensive but it is proportional to the portion and taste.

5. Kimchijeon

No visit to South Korea is complete without tasting Korean pancakes or jeon. One of the jeons that you can try is Kimchijeon. Kimchijeon is a variation of jeon which is generally made from sliced ​​kimchi, flour dough and a few other vegetables. Sometimes this Kimchijeon is also added with meat.

This food has a delicious taste even though the food includes simple dishes but many like it.

Kimchijeon is often said to be a folk dish by Korean society. This is because anyone can make this one dish at no additional cost.

Korean Snacks That Are Delicious – Part 2

For those of you who like to watch dramas or movies, of course you are familiar with some South Korean snacks, this is because usually South Korean snacks are inserted. When watching it, we often feel like tasting it because seen from its appearance it seems very delicious. This article still continued discuss about korean snacks that are delicious like tteokbokki, Gimbap and others you can see on this article below.

1. Mandu

Actually, mandu is a food that originated from China and entered Korea since the Goryeo Dynasty. This food is a kind of dumpling made with flour dough which has a spiced meat filling inside.

Mandu is usually eaten during winter and Seolla New Year celebrations or Chinese New Year. This mandu also has a variety of manufacturing methods, some are boiled in hot broth, steamed until fried.

In addition, mandu also has various shapes such as round, square and oval. Each region in Korea usually has its own way of cooking and has more variations.

2.Ojingeo Twigim (Deep Fried Giant Squid)

Just like Indonesia, South Korea also has fried snacks which are commonly known as twigim. Twigim is made from various ingredients wrapped in flour and then fried until crispy.

Actually Twigim has several variants, one of which is Ojingeo Twigim. This Ojingeo Twigim is made from squid and usually the squid used is large. But some have been cut to length.

When you eat this Ojingeo Twigim, you can feel how crunchy and tasty this one snack is. You can also mix this snack with tteokbokki.

3. Sundae

Don’t think that this one food is in the form of ice cream, sundae itself is a Korean dish which is generally made by boiling or steaming beef or pork intestines which are filled with various ingredients.

This type of blood sausage food is believed to have been eaten for a long time. Where the recipes associated with sundae can be found in Joseon cookbooks published in the 19th century.

4. Tteokbokki

Of the many Korean snacks, this one food can be said to be the most popular, namely Tteokbokki. This food is made from tteok cooked with gochujang spices so it has a spicy and sweet taste.

Apart from being found on the roadside and in restaurants, now Tteokbokki is also packaged in instant form so you don’t have to bother tasting it.

5. Yangnyeom Tongdak (Korean Fried Chicken)

Finally, Korean snacks that you must taste are Yangnyeom Tongdak or Korean fried chicken. This Korean fried chicken will definitely shake your tongue because it is seasoned with gochujang sweet spicy sauce, garlic, sugar and other spices. Usually this food is often served as anju, a side dish of liquor in South Korea.

We still have more korean snacks that are delicious for your recommend and maybe you already have try it. See on the next article.

Korean Snacks That Are Delicious – Part 1

Every country certainly has snacks that must be tasted when visiting, just like in South Korea. South Korea is not only known for having interesting dramas and films to watch, but this ginseng country also has a variety of snacks that must be tasted. Of the many Korean snacks, we summarizes some South Korean snacks that are delicious and sure to make you drool.

1. Bindae-tteok (Green Bean Pancakes)

If you are on vacation to South Korea and happen to be visiting one of the most popular places, Myeongdong. Don’t forget to taste this one snack, namely bindae-tteok or green bean pancakes. This one snack is a kind of buchimgae originating from Pyongan Province.

At first, Bindae-tteok, which had savory pork chunks on top, could only be enjoyed by the rich. As for the lower social classes, they can only enjoy plain Bindae-tteok.

But now Bindae-tteok can be enjoyed by anyone. As the name suggests, this snack is made from ground green beans that have been soaked beforehand. Then add a variety of vegetables and meat, after which the dough is fried in a round and flat shape. Bindae-tteok is very delicious to eat when it’s still hot with the spicy sauce that is usually served.

2. Cheese Butter Baked Scallops

The next snack that you must try is Cheese Butter Baked Scallops. Don’t be surprised if this one food is widely sold in Korean street food, because South Korea is also known for its very tantalizing seafood.

Cheese Butter Baked Scallops is a snack in the form of scallops or chopped scallops cooked in butter on top of the shell. Then added with mozzarella cheese and then baked using a torch. You can also enjoy this snack with sauce.

3. Eomuk

Eomuk Tang is fish meat that is mashed and then mixed with wheat flour and some spices. After that, it is skewered with a skewer and boiled in broth. Not only fish are used, crab and squid are also mixed in the mixture.

This food is very suitable to be enjoyed in winter because the way to eat it uses hot broth. In Korea, there are at least 3 types of eomuk, namely eomuk with broth, eomuk with mustard or tomato sauce and eomuk tang or eomuk guk served in a broth bowl with onions and soybeans.

4. Gyeran Bbang

Who doesn’t know this one popular Korean snack, Gyeran Bbang. You can find these snacks in almost all parts of South Korea.

This snack is usually served still warm so that it adds to the enjoyment. Gyeran Bbang is made from a piece of bread in the shape of a rectangle which is added with one whole egg. The texture is also classified as soft and has a sweet and savory taste.

5. Gimbap

This Korean snack is certainly no stranger, namely Gimbap. This meal consists of rice wrapped in seaweed, this gimbap is usually eaten as a meal taken for picnics, hiking or outdoor activities.

Currently there are many variations of gimbap sold in South Korea, but the gimbap that is considered the most authentic in South Korea is the Chungmu Gimbap which originated from Chungmu on the south coast of the Korean Peninsula. This Vhungmu Gimbap has no filling but only seaweed rolled rice served with kimchi and squid.

Still curious about korean snacks that are delicious which want to try it? stay tuned on the next article!


Rice Substitute Foods – Part 3

Rice is a staple in many people’s diets. It’s filling, inexpensive, and a great mild-tasting addition to flavorful dishes. However, rice — white rice in particular — may not be appropriate for everyone’s dietary needs. For instance, people who are trying to eat fewer carbs or calories may want a lighter alternative like riced cauliflower. In addition, swapping out rice for alternative healthy choices, such as quinoa or sweet potatoes, can add variety to your diet. Here is another rice substitute foods for your recommend.

1. Sweet Potatoes

Rice is also replaced with sweet potatoes. In 100 grams of sweet potato contains 86 kcal of calories. In addition, there is also a protein content of 1.6 grams. You can consume this rice substitute in many ways. You can boil, steam, or fry it. Also read: Baked Sweet Potato Donuts Recipe, Delicious and Easy Snack Ideas You can even add other ingredients to sweet potatoes. Even so, keep on paying attention to these additional ingredients so that the sweet potato calories don’t soar.

2. Quinoa

This popular rice substitute is also gluten free and high in protein. In 92 grams of quinoa contains four grams of protein. This amount is twice as much as plain white rice. In addition, quinoa also contains essential amino acids needed by the body. To cook it, mix dry quinoa with water and bring it to a boil. Cover and reduce heat, let it simmer until all the water is absorbed. Remove the cooked quinoa, let stand for five minutes. Puree then serve with side dishes.

3. Bulgur

Bulgur is a type of wheat that can be used as a substitute for rice for a diet. The texture and taste of bulgur seeds is similar to rice. The cooking method is the same as rice or Shirataki noodles. One cup of bulgur or about 100 grams contains calories only about 76 kcal. The amount is slightly lower than rice.

4. Cauliflower

Boiled cauliflower can be used as a substitute for rice. These vegetables contain lower carbohydrates and calories than white rice. You can make cauliflower rice by cutting the flower and grating it. The grated cauliflower is then steamed or boiled for five minutes. One cup of cauliflower rice or about 57 grams contains only 13 kcal of calories.

5. Cabbage

In addition to cauliflower, cabbage can also be used as foods substitute for rice for the diet. This vegetable has a low calorie and carbohydrate content. The taste also tends to be light and can be served with a variety of vegetables or other side dishes. In one cup of cabbage about 70 grams contains calories as much as 17 kcal. Not only that, cabbage also contains vitamin K which can meet 68 percent of the body’s daily needs.

Rice Substitute Foods – Part 2

Even though you are on a diet, you are still advised to consume carbohydrates. This is because carbohydrates can be a source of energy for the body. If you don’t want to eat rice, you can eat substitute carbohydrates. There are many carbohydrate foods that can be alternatives to rice. Here another list of rice substitute foods that you can consume while dieting.

1. Kuskus (couscous)

Steamed is another grain alternative that can help you lose weight. Steamed has a low carbohydrate content but is rich in protein and fiber. The calories of cuscus are slightly smaller than white rice and quinoa. However cuscus is not gluten free.

2. Cassava

Although the calories are not much different from white rice, cassava can also be a source of substitute carbohydrates. In Indonesia, cassava is processed into a variety of dishes. Good snacks, flour, or rice. Rice from cassava is known as tiwul. it is said that tiwul is the staple food of barren areas, such as Wonogiri and Gunung Kidul. Even in these areas, thiwul is still an alternative food substitute for rice when the economy is difficult.

3. Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)

Chickpeas are also commonly referred to as garbanzo beans or chickpeas. This food ingredient can be used to make Middle Eastern dishes. Reporting from Healthline, 28 grams of harbanzo beans contain 46 kcal of calories. These nuts can also be used as a source of protein, so that they can increase energy in the body. To cook them, chikpeas can be made into a soup or hummus mixture.

4. Broccoli

Just like cauliflower, broccoli can also be boiled or steamed and used as a substitute for rice. In 57 grams of boiled broccoli, the calories are only 15 kcal. While the fiber content reaches two grams. In addition, broccoli is also rich in vitamin C. The content of vitamin C in 57 grams of broccoli can meet the daily vitamin needs of 25 percent.

5. Risoni whole wheat (whole wheat orzo)

Orzo or risoni is a type of pasta that is similar in shape, size and texture to rice. Whole wheat risoni contains more fiber and protein than regular risoni. Therefore, risoni can be a great source of fiber and carbohydrates while on a diet. You can cook risoni as you would with pasta. However, make sure it is cooked at the right temperature and time so that the texture is not soggy.

We still have list of rice substitute foods that maybe can recommend for your diet later. See on the next article!

Rice Substitute Foods – Part 1

White rice is a cheap and easy starch many people choose to meal prep with, but there are healthier alternatives to white rice out there, and they could really transform your meals! We’re not saying you should never eat white rice; rather we are giving you options, to try to make a healthier choice. Some of those options include; shirataki, brown rice, corn, and potatoes…Have you heard of that? Here the list of Rice substitute foods.

1. Shirataki

Shirataki are noodles made from glucomannan, a type of fiber that comes from the root of the konjac or konjac plant. Noodles, which are widely consumed by Japanese people, contain 3 kcal of calories per serving, about 85 grams. The way to cook Shirataki is fairly easy. Simply boil it in water for two minutes, then reheat it using a non-stick skillet.

2. Corn

The role of rice as a source of carbohydrates can also be replaced with corn. 100 grams of corn kernels contain 86 calories and various types of B vitamins, as reported by Very Well Fit. This rice substitute food is also rich in fiber which can help reduce bad cholesterol levels. Corn can be consumed in the form of rice or flour. You can buy rice and corn flour at the nearest convenience store.

3. Potatoes

Apart from corn, you can also replace rice with potatoes. This tuber is rich in fiber so it is good for digestion. To consume it, simply boil or steam the potatoes and serve with other side dishes. You can also use mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes if you want them to be more savory.

4. Oatmeal

The fiber in oatmeal can make the body feel fuller for longer. Indirectly this will affect body weight. Quoting the Healthline page, 100 grams of oatmeal contains 68 kcal of calories. In addition there are also other nutritional content, such as vitamin A, calcium, potassium and vitamin B6. Regular consumption of oatmeal can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

5. Brown rice

Brown rice is a source of complex carbohydrates with a low glycic index. In addition, brown rice is also rich in vitamin B6, zinc and iron. You can eat brown rice like regular white rice. However, when cooking, brown rice must be given a little more water so that it is not hard.

Still curious about another rice substitute foods? see on next article, stay tuned!