Must Try Kebumen Culinary Recommendations

Must Try Kebumen Culinary Recommendations – Kebumen Regency is one of the districts in Central Java and is on the southern coast of Java Island. The city is 3 hours from Jogjakarta and 1.5 hours from Purwokerto. This city is a city with quite a lot of tourist destinations, but besides the many tours, there are also many Kebumen specialties that you should try if you visit this city.

It will be incomplete if you visit the city of Kebumen without trying one of its many culinary specialties. Because this Kebumen culinary specialty will be very difficult to find if you are not in this city. In contrast to other cities whose typical food tends to be easily found in big cities, this city seems reluctant to take its special culinary out of town. Apart from being in order to maintain the authenticity of the existing recipes, they are only inherit from generation to generation. Therefore, even if you are a Kebumen person, you may not be able to make it.

Must Try Kebumen Culinary Recommendations

For those of you who like savory and crunchy snacks, this food will suit you with its varied flavors and unique shapes. This particular food is made from cassava flour. This food is a typical Kebumen snack that is crunchy and savory, which is sometimes eaten as a side dish; for meatballs or as a substitute for crackers.

Surely you are familiar with the name peyek, but what about yutuk peyek? Yes. Peyek which usually contains shrimp or beans here contains yutuk. Therefore, when you go to Kebumen, stop by the beach to enjoy a yutuk peyek. Its savory taste combined with peanut sauce makes this Yutuk peyek taste savory and sweet. (Must Try Kebumen Culinary Recommendations)

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