Menega Bali Seafood Cafe Jimbaran

Menega Bali Seafood Cafe Jimbaran – If you remember the period of study tours during school, the Jimbaran area has always been a mandatory destination on the last day in Bali. Jimbaran area is a paradise for seafood restaurants. In the past, I was always confused between the best seafood restaurants in Jimbaran, but now I have my own subscription at Menega Cafe.

He said to get a favorite spot at Menega Cafe; that faces directly to the sea, you have to book a few days in advance. The point is, don’t expect too much; if you get an outdoor spot, but if you get a lot of indoor. Apparently not allow, I was told to order in advance and their seat determines. But if indoor is free, just sit down and it’s okay to just order food.

Menega Bali Seafood Cafe

Each shell has chewy flesh, and the marinade can be “sucked, uh, dicucrup” feels really butter and the seasoning is creamy. Anyway, what I miss most at Menega Cafe is the shells, I have to order at least 1 kg to be satisfied.

For prawns, I only order ½ kg, it gets about 8 pieces, but it’s big because of the king prawn. The grilled fish is also really good and doesn’t have the slightest fishy taste. The point is, if you order any food at Menega Cafe, you won’t regret it because everything is delicious.

Well, because the night gets darker, only the kerosene lamp lights up on the table, so the sensation of eating while groping for the fish. The white tablecloth in the outdoor is disposable, so if one person has use it, it will be replace immediately and the table; doesn’t use a white tablecloth anymore.

So if you go to Bali, don’t forget to stop by Menega Cafe. You don’t need to be afraid of the price because the price is not fix and makes sense. Maybe what makes it expensive; is if we make mistakes ordering all the food menus, especially if the drinks are weird.(Menega Bali Seafood Cafe Jimbaran)

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