Manado Culinary is Also Famous For its Cool

Manado Culinary is Also Famous For its CoolManado, a city in North Sulawesi that holds a million charms. Not only its natural wealth, the local wisdom of the Manado people is also a tremendous attraction. Uniquely, Manado is also famous for its beautiful girls, you know! How come? It is said that many of the natives of Manado were edit by the Dutch and Japanese colonizers so that the descendants who were born were beautiful as they are now.

For those of you who are visiting Manado for the first time, you should not miss the opportunity to taste this culinary. Unlike the chicken porridge in Jakarta or Bandung, this Manado porridge looks healthier because it uses vegetables.  After that, the porridge will be served with salted fish and chili sauce.

Manado Culinary is Also Famous For its Cool

Chicken opor is not only a dish that is serve during Eid. Chicken Tuturuga is a typical Manado chicken opor dish that is usually serve as a daily menu. The taste of this dish is different; tasty, sticky, with a little spicy taste. Unlike the opor elsewhere, this Tuturuga Chicken is process with additional basil, lime, and even pandan leaves.

This one culinary is fairly easy to find in Manado. Its name is Nasi Jaha, it is made from a mixture of rice and sticky rice cook in bamboo that is roast. Usually, Nasi Jaha is available in almost all restaurants and restaurants in Manado.

Manado is one area that is famous for its spicy culinary. In Manado, you can find various types of chili sauce which is spicy and delicious. Well, one of them is this Sambal Bakasang.

Don’t admit to being fond of spicy culinary delights if you haven’t tried this one dish. Have the name Woku-woku Chicken or often call fish rica-rica, you who taste it are guaranteed to be addict.(Manado Culinary is Also Famous For its Cool)

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