Making Coffee from Various Countries

Drinking coffee is a routine that must be done by most citizens of the world, be it in the morning, day or night. Drinking coffee today may have become a culture in itself, no wonder every country has its own way of processing coffee to enjoy. The following are various unique ways of making coffee from various countries.

1. Vietnam by filter method or filter

Kopi filter is known as Vietnamese Ca Phe Da. This coffee is usually mixed with milk and ice. Vietnamese coffee, especially Cha Phe Da, is equipped with a filter device called Phin. This container is where the ground coffee is brewed. The filter diameter is about the width of a coffee cup or glass. Many Vietnamese people use the Cafe Du Monde French Roast Chicory as their brewing place.

2. French with the French press method

French press is not a new name in the coffee world. Its existence has long been one of the choices for manual brew methods in brewing coffee. Unlike other manual brew tools that use paper filters or able kone, french press is different from its simplicity, which actually makes it attractive and timeless.

To produce aromatic coffee on residue after minimal by hand can sometimes take a long time, but not with
method using the French Press. French Press is a tool specially designed to be brewed to produce delicious coffee in a short time. Apart from that, this technique is not too difficult and the relatively cheap tool maker price is also the main reason that makes the use of the French Press method one of the most popular methods in the world.

3. Turkish Coffee with unusual equipment when preparing a cup of coffee

Turkish Coffee is made by placing coffee grounds in boiling boiling water in a pot called cezve or ibrik. The mixture of coffee and hot water is then added with sugar according to the taste of the drinkers.

Besides being brewed in a quite unique way, Turkish coffee also has its own characteristics in its presentation. Turkish coffee is usually served in a small cup the size of an espresso. Although the size is the same as espresso, how to enjoy it is different. If espresso must enjoyed quickly in one sip, Turkish Coffee should be taken down slowly.

4. With sophisticated equipment, Americans can experience Americano coffee

Caffè Americano is an espresso added with hot water in order to reduce the overpowering taste of the espresso. The tool used is a relatively sophisticated espresso machine. For those of you who like to drink coffee at your favorite cafe, you must be familiar with this thing.

5. Simple tools but delicious taste, this is the uniqueness of Indonesian Tubruk Coffee

Brewed coffee is the simplest and most popular way of brewing coffee among Indonesians. Just brew coffee powder in a cup with hot water, brewed coffee is ready to be enjoyed. Sometimes someone adds sugar or milk according to their individual tastes. How to increase the hot water according to the will of the heart that makes it.


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