Recipes and Typical Characteristics of Nusantara Culinary

Lontong Medan, Recipes and Typical Characteristics of Nusantara Culinary – Lontong Medan is one of the many culinary treasures that Indonesia has. As we know, each region has its own unique culinary flavors.

In several previous articles, I have stated that a vacation to a tourist attraction; is like two sides of a coin with culinary hunting which is the characteristic of this tourist attraction.
Medan tourism is indeed very famous, as one of the national tourist destinations favored by national tourists.

So this edition we will discuss about the culinary tourism that the people of Medan are proud of, which is called Lontong Medan.
Regarding the direction in which Lontong Medan began, it is not certain when it start, by whom, and exactly what year; Lontong Medan began to be popular.

History Of Lontong Medan

This should be homework for the government; and all related parties to record the culinary treasures in Indonesia, from the years, history, and figures.

But if the history of Lontong Sayur, one version says that Lontong Sayur came from the Minagkabau area, West Sumatra Province.

The history of Lontong; also still does not refer to one version, although it is only natural that a history is possible to present many versions.

The location of Lontong Medan; is actually very easy to find in Medan, because Lontong Medan is one of; the many special culinary delights that are often sought after by tourists.

Every place, of course, has its signature style; in the form of Lontong Medan recipe which is the secret of each kitchen.(Recipes and Typical Characteristics of Nusantara Culinary)

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