List Dishes Made From Fruit and Vegetables – Part 1

Fruits and vegetables are food ingredients that should not be missed every day. Because vegetables and fruits contain lots of vitamins that our bodies need to carry out daily activities. Besides giving other flavors to fruits and vegetables, cook like this way they will not get bored with the same taste of fruits and vegetables. So here is a list of dishes made from fruit and vegetables, which are refreshing and of course make you tempted to taste them, even those of you who are vegetarian are free to eat them.

1. Young Coconut Fish Soup

Young coconut water is indeed famous for its refreshing taste, even without ice, its distinctive taste is indeed able to refresh a dry throat. So what if young coconut is used as the main ingredient for fish soup? Surely it is delicious and refreshing, Young Coconut Fish Soup is a famous menu made from young coconut. This one dish has a fresh and sweet taste that comes from coconut water that blends nicely with fish soup. The fish’s fishy taste and aroma can no longer be smelled when the soup is served in young coconut shells, which are still complete with the pulp.

2. Fruit Pizza

Pizza is free to be topped as desired, right? Bored with the meat and cheese topping on your pizza, you can replace it with your favorite fruit topping. What is clear is that the taste will be very different from the usual pizza. Pizza topped with fruit will certainly be sweeter and fresher even at the first bite.

3. Tempoyak

Indonesia is indeed rich in typical culinary delights that are super delicious and of course unique. Like the following foods made from fermented durian fruit. This food that is famous in the Bengkulu, Palembang and Jambi areas is very suitable to be served with warm white rice or it can be a mixture of chili sauce and pepes.

4. Soursop Sauteed

Some kinds of fruit can indeed be used as vegetables, besides jackfruit and papaya. It turns out that soursop fruit can also be sautéed as vegetables. Soursop fruit that is still thick can be used as an ingredient for making vegetables by some Sundanese people. This vegetable has a sweet and fresh taste that is typical of soursop fruit, making the texture more like a young jackfruit.

5. Rujak Kuah Pindang

Those from Bali, of course, are already familiar with this one dish. Yup, because Rujak Kuah Pindang is a very famous Balinese food besides be tutu. This Rujak Kuah Pindang has a really distinctive taste, fresh, sour, sweet, spicy and has a distinctive taste of pindang fish. This rujak kuah pindang dish is made from various kinds of fresh fruit preparations such as kedondong, jicama, papaya, pineapple and mango. And is added with spices such as sugar, salt, chili, and shrimp paste. Well, when Balinese people eat Rujak Kuah Pindang, it is usually added with ice cubes so that it feels fresh and cold. Mothers who are craving usually ask something like this.

6. Dragon Fruit Red Rice

Dragon fruit is delicious and fresh when used as a mixture of fruit ice or made into juice. But it turns out that dark red dragon fruit is also suitable for mixing with rice. Puree dragon fruit is used as a mixture for roasting rice. Be red dragon fruit rice which tastes unique and fresh from dragon fruit.

Still curious about dishes which made from fruit and vegetables, you can see the list on the next article, stay tuned!

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