List Dishes Made From Fruit and Vegetables – Part 2

For some people, eating vegetables or fruits directly without being processed will be more delicious than being processed first. Besides that, it will taste fresher, but there are also those who process it first into a dish that is refreshing and tantalizing. So this article still continued discuss about dishes made from fruit and vegetables, here is the list.

1. Pickled Pineapple

Pickled pineapple is a food complementary ingredient made from cooked fruit and of course using fresh and ripe pineapple fruit. The fruit used is not only pineapple, because there are other ingredients that are added in its manufacture. Other ingredients needed are cucumber and jicama as well as bird’s eye chilies and onions. This dish is usually served with Nasi Briyani and Nasi Kebuli or Nasi Lemak. Pickled Pineapple has a sour, sweet, spicy and fresh taste that comes from pineapple fruit and other ingredients in it.

2. Pacri Pineapple

One more dish made from pineapple, namely pineapple pacri. Pacri pineapple is a typical food from the Malay area. This one processed fruit is made from several pieces of fresh pineapple then given a spice made from shallots, garlic, bay leaves and lemongrass mixed with coconut milk. In general, this pineapple pacri dish is served with warm rice or kebuli rice or nasi lemak.

3. Spinach Chips

Tired of potato chips, you can try spinach leaf chips. Yup, spinach leaves can be processed into delicious chips and healthy snacks. But for good results, choose spinach with wide and large leaves. Prepare a flour dough consisting of corn starch, rice flour, eggs, and water, stirring until the texture is quite liquid. You can also add various spices to this flour dough, such as pepper, pepper, garlic, and candlenut so that your spinach chips have a more delicious taste. After that, put the washed and dried spinach leaves in it. Fry in hot oil and serve with your favorite sauce.

4. Carrot Cake

Maybe you are already familiar with this one cake. Yup, this carrot cake, which was once hits, does have a sweet and soft taste. Unlike the other cakes, this Carrot Cake is considered healthier because it is low in calories. Those who have tasted it will agree that it’s not inferior to Red Velvet. In its manufacture, carrots do not need to be mashed but only grated so that the water contained in the carrots does not disappear, but turns into a naturally sweet taste and moist texture. In addition, the distinctive texture of the carrots will spread throughout the cake. Carrot Cake is usually decorated with a variety of toppings, but the most commonly used ones are buttercream, cream cheese and sprinkled with peanuts on top.

5. Fruit Popsicles

Nothing is more refreshing and cool than ice. But if you eat mostly ice, starting from ice cream, juice, mixed ice, etc., it won’t make you sick, it will make you sick, especially if the ice sold in the market contains a lot of sugar and milk. So if you want to eat ice without fear of high sugar levels, you can try fruit popsicles. Besides being fresh, the fruits contained therein are also refreshing. You can make this ice yourself at home, the recipes are scattered on the internet.

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