Japanese snacks in Jakarta – Part 1

Japanese food is very popular in the world, including in Indonesia. From ramen to sushi to shabu-shabu, they all have a huge following in Indonesia. But it’s not just food, you know, that Japanese food lovers often hunt, because various snacks, aka Japanese snacks, are also selling well in Indonesia.¬†For example, in Jakarta, in this metropolitan city, you can find various Japanese snacks that you usually see in Japanese films. From takoyaki, onigiri, dorayaki to mochi. So for those of you who crave Japanese snacks, here are Japanese snacks in Jakarta that are delicious and easy to find. So let’s check it out guys!

1. Mochi – MochaMochi

One of the most popular Japanese snacks in Jakarta is mochi. Mochi is a Japanese snack made from glutinous rice which is then ground so that it is soft and sticky and formed into a round shape. If usually mochi contains nuts. Then it’s different at MochaMochi. MochaMochi itself is one of the mochi places in Jakarta that you must visit because it provides mochi with a variety of fillings, such as red beans, strawberries, ovomaltine, baked beans, chocolate to cheese and of course with an attractive appearance. You can find MochaMochi, at Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta.

2. Takoyaki – Shitako Takoyaki

Besides the sweet mochi, for those of you who like Japanese snacks with a savory taste, then you can try takoyaki. This round snack is usually filled with slices of octopus and drizzled with a sweet and savory sauce. In Indonesia, the contents of takoyaki are not only octopus, but are increasingly varied, such as ham, cheese and chicken. Then sprinkle with seaweed and dried bonito fish, and also add mayonnaise according to taste.

So for those of you who want to taste the delicious Japanese street food, then Shitako Takoyaki can be a destination for you to try Takoyaki in Jakarta. These Japanese street food stalls are scattered in major malls in the capital, starting from Gandaria City, Mall Kelapa Gading, Kota Kasablanka, to Summarecon Mall Serpong in Tangerang.

3. Okonomiyaki – Kin No Taki

You could say Okonomiyaki is a snack that is friendly to takoyaki. Because where there is takoyaki there is also okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is also a typical Japanese snack that has many fans in Indonesia. At first glance, it looks like an omelette. But actually okonomiyaki is made from flour which is diluted with water and then added with cabbage, chicken eggs and seafood such as octopus then fried in a flat frying pan called teppa.

You can find Okonomiyaki in Jakarta with abundant chicken filling at Kin No Taki. The taste of Okonomiyaki in this place is very delicious, authentic, and can be accepted by Indonesian tongues. Interestingly, one portion of Okonomiyaki here is very large, it can even be shared by two people. You can find Kin No Taki in several places in Jakarta, such as Mall Pondok Indah 1, Mall Plasa Semanggi, Gedung Sizzler Thamrin, Mall Artha Gading and at Terminal 2F, Soetta Airport.

4. Dorayaki – Dorayaki Addict by Shokupan

Those who like watching Doraemon, of course, are familiar with this one snack. Dorayaki is Doraemon’s favorite snack which is always present in every episode of this animation. Dorayaki itself is generally made of two pancakes glued together with red peanut butter. But now there are various dorayaki variants that you can find. One of them is in Dorayaki Addict by Shokupan. This dorayaki outlet provides a wide selection of dorayaki that is appetizing with fillings such as chocolate, green tea or cookies and cream. You can find Dorayaki Addict by Shokupan in several places in Jakarta such as Lippo Mall Puri, Kota Kasablanka, and Kuningan City.

5. Taiyaki – Koiyaki

A delicious typical Japanese snack in Jakarta next is Taiyaki. Taiyaki itself is a fish-shaped dessert. Similar to dorayaki, taiyaki in Japan generally also contains red beans, but they are different in shape. However, nowadays the contents of taiyaki are increasingly diverse, such as chocolate, cheese, and ice cream with various toppings. In Jakarta, you can find great Taiyaki at Koiyaki. Taiyaki in this place is famous for its soft ice cream topping and has predicated as # 1 Japanese Premium Soft Cream. Koiyaki provides various variants of taiyaki, from Hokkaido Milk, Matcha Green Tea, Thai Tea, to Chocolate. You can find Koiyaki at Epicentrum Mall, PIK Avenue, and Kota Kasablanka Mall.

Those are some delicious Japanese snacks or snacks that you can easily find in Jakarta. Still have some more list for this snacks that you can find it in next article, stay tuned!

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