Indonesia culinary has similar with culinary from Abroad

Indonesia has a variety of very delicious culinary delights, from snacks to heavy meals. Because of the variety of culinary delights in Indonesia, it has similarities with culinary from abroad such as Indonesian culinary. Called lemper which is almost similar to a typical Japanese culinary sushi. Want to know more Indonesian culinary delights that have a sister abroad? Let’s see!

1. Lemper (Indonesia) vs Sushi (Japan)

Which Indonesian doesn’t know Lemper? all circles in Indonesia must know this tasty snack. Lemper made from glutinous rice inside filled with minced chicken meat and wrapped in banana leaves. It is more delicious when steamed or roasted.

As for Sushi, if the lemper is wrapped in banana leaves, the sushi is wrapped in seaweed, while the filling is usually filled with slices of raw meat, avocado and fish eggs, but the sushi filling can usually change.

If you see one of the two foods, surely you will remember one of them. Maybe you can say that lemper is, the sushi is Indonesian. Which one do you prefer?

2. Serabi (Indonesia) vs Pancakes (Europe)

Who doesn’t know a typical Indonesian snack called serabi? Serabi is a traditional market snack originating from Indonesia. Well, this one snack turns out to be almost similar to Pancakes, from Europe. In fact, the ingredients are almost the same. What distinguishes only the toppings and media used to cook it.

3. Fish Gohu (Ternate, Indonesia) vs Sashimi (Japan)

Maybe not many people know that Indonesia also has khar culinary similar to Japanese sashimi. The food is called Gohu fish is from Ternate. At a glance at this dish, you will definitely remember a dish from Japan called Sashimi, right?

yup !, this dish is quite similar. The difference is, Sashimi is eaten with soy sauce, grated ginger, or wasabi. Meanwhile, Gohu Fish is eaten with salt, lemon cui, and balakama (basil).

4. Cake rings vs donuts

A typical Indonesian ring cake, at first glance, is similar to a donut. Only donuts can be added with topping variants according to your preferences, while ring cakes are usually served without using toppings. Because they taste so tasty and delicious. However, currently the ring cake seems to be outdone by the presence of donuts whose origins are still confusing.

5. Gado-Gado vs Vegetable Salad

Who doesn’t know Gado-Gado. This authentic Indonesian food turns out to be a bit like a vegetable salad topped with mayonnaise. Even though the filling of the vegetables is the same, the taste is very different. In fact, many say that the gado-gado is a Javanese salad.

6. Leker vs Crepes

Leker snacks made of flour and bananas in it. If you’ve ever had a snack called Crepes, you will definitely remember it with leker. The taste is not much different and the filling is also quite similar. What makes the difference is the price.


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