Halal Culinary Delicacy in Bali

Halal Culinary Delicacy in Bali – Bali will never run out of tours to visit. Apart from the enchanting charm of the tour, the culinary delights always make me addicted. Halal culinary in Bali is very easy to find, this is what makes me not have to worry about culinary delights on this Island of the Gods. I have ever tasted crispy duck, spicy rice, satay lilit and mixed rice with chili sauce. Besides that, Bu Mangku’s Javanese chicken rice and Mak Beng fish soup; which is very famous for tourists are also my halal culinary destinations in Bali.

With the help of GPS, my rental car drove to the Kedawetan area of ​​Ubud. For the sake of Bu Mangku Kedawetan Chicken Rice, I traveled about 1.5 hours from Kuta. But I have to be willing to bite my fingers; because this restaurant closes at 4 pm, while I came 30 minutes later. My disappointment was seen by a motorcyclist; who knock on the glass of my car who stop in front of the restaurant. Bli told me that Bu Mangku’s Kedawetan Chicken Rice had a branch in Denpasar or Seminyak.

Mother Mangku Kedewatan’s Chicken Rice Is a Culinary Delicacy In Bali

I then headed to Denpasar and dismissed the myth that the food in its original place; tastes much better than at the branch. On Jalan Raya Tukad Badung, I saw this restaurant looks small on the outside, but when I enter the restaurant; there were several gazebos that could accommodate up to 100 people. Around him there are large koi fish and you can hear the gurgling of clear water. It seems that this branch shop looks as unique as its Ubud center.

I walked forward again to the food window to order the menu. There are only two menus, namely Mixed Chicken Rice and Separate Chicken Rice. I chose Mixed Chicken Rice which consisted of lawar, eggs, spicy shredded chicken, liver and beef offal, fried peanuts and dried tempeh for Rp. 25,000, – I did not get the satay lilit because the stock was empty, even though the satay lilit is a typical menu of this mixed rice. Maybe this is a sign that I have to go back to Bali for a portion of Bu Mangku’s Javanese chicken rice.

In the mixture of the rice menu, there is lawar which is a traditional Balinese food which was only serve during religious ceremonies. It can be like that East Java has trancam and anointing, while Bali has lawar. This traditional food usually also uses pork and turtle meat, while this restaurant of course uses chicken meat with young long beans and grated coconut. The taste is very unique and fits well with the steaming hot rice.

Warung Mak Beng One Of The Halal Culinary

Enjoying Sanur Beach will not be complete; if you haven’t stopped by Warung Mak Beng, which is located not far from the beach. Open from morning to evening, the restaurant is never empty of visitors, even though it only has a capacity to accommodate about 50 people. Rows of tables and long chairs were not unavoidable for the visitors to grab a portion of fish soup.

I order a portion of white rice, fish soup and fried fish which are priced in one package price of Rp. 45.000, – If you don’t want the package menu, you can order rice along with fried fish or just fish soup.

The fish soup is rich in spices that are unique to Indonesian culinary delights, the taste is very fresh, sour and you can taste the seasoning.

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