Grilled & Fried Gurame Lesehan Klotok

Grilled & Fried Gurame Lesehan Klotok – Finally, after a long period of failing to go home to Cepu, this 2014 Eid al-Adha moment, I was able to do qurban with my husband’s family. So, if I go home like this without a culinary tour it seems incomplete, well hehehe so I hunt for a good culinary treat, my jujugan is Warung Lesehan Ikan Bakar Klotok. This lesehan shop when viewed from the area is not the Cepu area, Kab. Blora, located in Klotok Padangan Kab. Bojonegoro, although different regencies, it is very closer to Cepu than the city of Bojonegoro.

Entering the Lesehan Warung parking area; there are several cars that have filled the yard, apparently this shop is indeed a favorite of the local community; so it is always crowd with visitors. The concept of a stall is a lesehan that is located on the left and right; of the fish pond area; which is very large and beautiful, typical of the countryside, if you want to sit in a chair; a wooden house area is provide.

Grilled & Fried Gurame Lesehan Klotok

My favorite menu that is my order is grilled carp, sweet and sour, with plain kale and coffee, which is very popular, my order is minimalist because only three of them are with husband and children who are still toddlers.Let’s taste the Baked Gurame which is said to be delicious. (in Surabaya where is there a price that cheap)

Then the conclusion is to order Kothok coffee; which is famous in Cepu, ah unfortunately I didn’t taste the coffee this husband ordered, so I can’t review it. As proof that this Kotok coffee is famous, on the wall of the Lesehan shop there is an article from Radar Bojonegoro about the uniqueness of this shop.Grilled & Fried Gurame Lesehan Klotok)

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