Gresik Culinary : Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban

Gresik Culinary : Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban – My prospective sister-in-law comes from Gresik. His figure is always look forward to when he comes to my mother’s house. Usually he brings a typical Gresik food gift, namely Nasi Krawu. It takes only one hour to reach Gresik via the toll road. But somehow I rarely come to Gresik. Maybe because it is not a tourist city or shopping tour, I am rarely touch by it. So, at the beginning of 2016 I had the opportunity to visit Gresik.

The culinary agenda is of course my first order. In Gresik, there are two famous Nasi Krawu culinary delights, namely Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban and Nasi Krawu Bu Timan.

Gresik Culinary : Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban

So I was curious about the taste of Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban which she had never brought for souvenirs. Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban II which is located on Jl Veteran 118 Gresik, the location is quite strategic on the side of the highway with adequate car parking. Meanwhile, Nasi Krawi Bu Tiban center is located at JL KH Abdul Karim 49 Gresik, the location is less strategic. However, both taste the same because the Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban II is managed by Bu Tiban’s son.

It’s no secret that the contents of Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban are only white rice with thin shred meat and then there is additional serundeng from grated coconut. The choice of meat can be meat alone or meat with additional “offal” such as tripe and the like. The taste of the meat from Nasi Krawu Tiban is sweet and savory, the sweetness fits perfectly with the tongue in East Java. The next pleasure lies in the white and punel rice, especially if it is serve hot, it will give its own taste charm. Serundeng is an inseparable part of Nasi Krawu, which is very delicious when the meat is dip in grated coconut.(Gresik Culinary : Nasi Krawu Bu Tiban)

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