Great Coffee Shop in Bandung

Laja House, Great Coffee Shop in Bandung – Enjoying coffee is one of the routine things for some people. Especially at this time, coffee is on the rise again. In Bandung it is also the same, many coffee shops and cafes have sprung up with their own uniqueness.

You can find various choices of coffee shops in Bandung easily. So, here I am reviewing an alternative place for coffee in Bandung; Laja House.
For colleagues who like to go around, Laja house can be an alternative. The place is really remote, far enough from the crowds. But for the atmosphere, enakeun pisan for me, mah.

Not only the atmosphere, the coffee is also delicious. Naturally, this place is indeed close to the Arabica Hill Palasari coffee center which is quite famous for its Palasari coffee products.

The Location Of Laja House

We can choose brewed coffee, vietnam drip, v 60, and others. Not only coffee, there are other drinks too. The ginger milk here is delicious. It really fits the cold evening atmosphere here.

The choice of food is also quite a lot. You can choose noodles, various fried foods, toast, etc. I forgot the menu photo. I’ll update later when I come back here.

Now the location itself is quite remote. There is in Cilengkrang above. From the google map, Laja House is on Jalan Ibu Nengsih, Girimekar, Cilengkrang, Bandung.

The easiest way to get to the location is via Jalan Cijambe in Ujung Berung, Bandung. Enter this road, then the T-junction, then take the road to the left. Just keep on following it, we’ll see you later.

The distance from the Ujung Berung highway to the location is about 6 KM, 15-20 minutes from the main road. It needs to be remembered that the road is quite uphill and a bit smaller when it is up later.
It is necessary to remember that Laja House is not an ordinary cafe. So if you are looking for a cafe atmosphere, it feels better just in the Bandung city area.(Laja House, Great Coffee Shop in Bandung)

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