Food Ideas for Road Trips Holiday

There are 10 food ideas that can be brought for road trips holiday, which can accompany your vacation on land trips. Bringing your own food from home is somewhat more hygienic.

1. Fruits

Travel fruits can be eaten as a snack or for breakfast on the way. The choice of fruit that can be brought is try fruits that are resilient or not easily damaged by impact, such as apples, pears, oranges and bananas.

2. Dry cereal

Cereals can be enjoyed with added milk or eaten alone. So, seral can for the choice of food supplies during the trip. The type of cereal can be adjusted to your taste.

3. Yogurt

As a complement to cereal supplies, you can also bring yogurt. While drinking yogurt can be alternated with snacking on dry cereal. Yogurt helps digestive health during the holidays.

4. Bread

Various breads are also practical for road trip food. You can choose sweet bread, plain bread, bagels, donuts or muffins for lunch. These loaves will last for at least three to five or seven days of travel.

5. Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are practical, healthy and quite cheap as a provision. Boil eggs and pack with plastic or a container. We recommend that you bring boiled eggs that have not been shelled so they are more durable.

6. Sandwich jam

Towards lunch time, you can enjoy a sandwich with your favorite jam. Sandwiches are more filling than light snacks. Don’t forget to wrap the sandwiches nicely in your lunchbox.

7. Savory sandwich

If you prefer a savory taste, you can choose a savory sandwich lunch. A sandwich filling that is durable enough to take on long journeys is cheese with bacon. As a sauce, you can use the sauce in a durable package, of course. Sauce can be added when the sandwich is about to eat.

8. Tortillas

Tortillas are also durable for long trips. The preparation method can be likened to a sandwich, only the skin uses tortilla shells.

9. Pickles or sweets

If you are the type of person who really likes to eat fruits or vegetables, you can try pickling or making your favorite fruit into sweets. Pickles and sweets are food products from a natural pickling process.

10. Chips and biscuits

You can get rid of boredom during the road trip by enjoying chips or biscuits as a light snack. These chips and biscuits will also help family members with children feel more comfortable on the go. Stock them with their favorite chips and biscuits. As a variety of choices, you can also add popcorn for travel supplies.

So, hopefully this food ideas that can be brought for your plan to road trips holiday soon.


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