Favorite Culinary in Indonesia That Must Be Try

Favorite Culinary in Indonesia That Must Be TriedIndonesia is not only charming because of its natural charm, but also rich in delicious culinary flavors, said Uncle Bondan Winarno. Because of its richness, each region has its own unique culinary delights. This is certainly a special attraction for travelers who are fond of tasting food.

If you like snacks, touching the city of Bandung is like tasting the porch of heaven. How or not? Bandung has a million delicious culinary delights that can make you drool. Not only heavy food, but also a variety of ready-to-eat snacks that are very appetizing.

There are kalong rice, shaken noodles, surabi, colenak, banana molen, goyobod ice, orange ice, and many more. It’s really hard to mention the culinary of this Flower City one by one. Various delicious culinary delights are scatter in almost every corner of the city. Moreover, innovations in its food make Bandung never boring for culinary connoisseurs to explore.

Favorite Culinary in Indonesia That Must Be Try

Medan is not just a big city. The third largest city in Indonesia is actually very rich with various culinary delights that will make you always miss this city. There are famous durian pancakes, Medan anchovies chilli that are sure to make you addicted, Soto Kesawan, Medan noodles, to bika Ambon and the distinctive passion fruit syrup.

Not only halal food, you can also enjoy various Batak specialties that are haram because they are made from pork. Call it saksang, Karo roast pork, and others.

Jogja is always successful and makes you miss. Missing the atmosphere, exotic places, and various culinary specialties that always make an impression on the heart. Who doesn’t know the delicious and sweet warm, or the simple delicious sego cat? Not only that, Jogja is also a paradise for fans of Javanese noodles, sate klathak, sego pecel, to stir-stir firecrackers which are very hot.

When it comes to culinary tourism, Palembang certainly can’t be neglected. You must be familiar with the legendary pempek that has spread throughout the big cities of the archipelago. However, Palembang is also rich in various other culinary delights. For example, tekwan, tempoyak, model, HAR martabak, bone pindang, and many more. Anyway, it’s such a loss if you go to Palembang you don’t taste the culinary delights.(Favorite Culinary in Indonesia That Must Be Try)

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