Durian Processed Culinary That Makes You Drool

Durian Processed Culinary That Makes You Drool – The durian season is almost over. There aren’t many brothers who sell durian on the side of the road. While some are still selling, let’s buy as many durians as possible. After that, it is made into delicious durian culinary delights. Interested?

As a dedication for durian lovers, Hipwee Travel will provide 6 culinary references of typical Indonesian durian dishes that taste really good. Starting from drinks to food with durian raw materials. For you durian lovers, culinary tours are really mandatory for hunting food or drinks with these durian frills.

This one culinary is arguably the most hits process durian. The durian meat which is added with cream is wrapped in a kind of thin skin like a colorful omelette. The famous durian pancakes originate from Medan. Don’t forget to enjoy this food when it’s cold, so that the sensation will be even more delicious.

For those of you who like to drink cendol ice or dawet ice, of course you feel this drink is really fresh, so drink it in this hot afternoon. Even more delicious if the taste of durian. Wow, that’s really great. The combination of shaved ice, cendol, palm sugar, coconut milk and durian is a heaven on earth for the Indonesian tongue.

Durian Processed Culinary That Makes You Drool

Sticky rice and durian are a wonderful combination though. Yes, you know Indonesian people like to eat rice so that they are full. Even if it’s not rice, at least it’s sticky rice. Combined with durian, it seems that sticky rice durian is indeed a favorite of urban people.

Usually, durian soup contains shaved ice, durian meat, cheese and milk. But there are also those who make durian soup by combining it with fruits such as avocado or jackfruit. Suitable to be enjoy when the atmosphere is hot.

For those who like culinary tours, go hunting for pancakes covered in durian sauce, cheese and milk. It’s even better if it’s sprinkled with raisins or sprinkles.

So far, the contents of the risoles are meat or vegetables, this time it is durian meat. So you can imagine when you bite the risoles, the durian will break and melt in your mouth. Duh, so I want to hunt durian risoles right away. Not many people have made these risoles. I’m sure if you try it, it’s definitely addicting.(Durian Processed Culinary That Makes You Drool)

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